Farrow Sew-Along: Cutting

Cutting the Farrow pattern is pretty straightforward, not too many pieces and only a bit of fusible. You can see what you’ll need to cut for View A and View B in the diagrams below.

View A

View B

We’ve gotten a few questions about whether the front and back pieces can be cut on the fold and the answer is yes and no. They can be cut on the fold, but the construction of the pockets is a bit more difficult due to the fact that you’ll be doing quite a bit of pivoting and clipping to get the corners to lay flat. The seam at the CF and CB also help to add a bit more stability to the garment. You’ll also need to insert a keyhole into the CB so that you can get the dress over your head. So yes you can cut the pieces on the fold if you don’t mind extra work but honestly we don’t recommend it or we would have drafted the pattern that way.



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  • trish

    Hi Jen,
    I have just bought the pdf version of the pattern and am reading the instructions before I start. I can’t find anywhere how much interfacing ie required for version A of the Farrow dress? The interface layout suggests that you recommend using a woven fusible facing. Do you feel woven is preferable to non-woven? I will be making my dress in a linen fabric.
    Thanks, Trish


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