Styling & Swatches | Scout Tee

Grainline Studio | Scout Tee

We are just about to turn the corner into spring up here in the great north! Finally! I have been eyeing these adorb tees and am going to make something similar using the Scout Tee pattern. I found all of these cute fabrics online! It’s going to be hard to choose cause they are so luxe. Guess I’ll have to make one of each! Right?

Grainline Studio | Scout Tee

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  • Peggy

    I am waiting for my fabric right now! My mom used to call it “piece goods”! She would laugh to think I ordered online. I will be ordering more from Purl Soho because of you. I get yarn for my knitting there but was tempted by the sale fabric you posted. You and your patterns have inspired me to get back to my machine. Curious, what machine did you learn on?


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