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A few weeks ago I had a chat with Sandi Sawa Hazlewood of the Crafty Planner Podcast and today our conversation is up on her site! I’ve been a fan of her podcast and excellent interviews for a while so it was an honor to sit down and be a part of it myself. I had such a good time with Sandi that we talked for quite a while before and after the actual interview, meaning I don’t recall exactly what was in the podcast and what was outside. You can find the interview here, hope you enjoy our chat!

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  • PsychicKathleen

    I just listened to your podcast Jen and have to say how much I enjoyed meeting you! I was deeply moved when you said you have trouble answering the question about why self employment is empowering for YOU – you always think of it in terms of others. Your work is brilliant and SO appreciated. I too have made the Scout Tee and was inspired to make the whole top using french seams even on the arms! I actually impressed my sewing group with that one and have you to thank for that inspiration. Now I use french seams wherever I can 🙂

  • Chrystene

    I really enjoyed listening to this interview! Thank you for sharing it with us. Because of your pattern making and teaching skills, I attempted my first ever blouse, the Scout. I am an extremely new sewist, having previously only ever made 4 pairs of PJ pants – super boring fyi. But my Scout fits so much better than I was expecting, and all of the details – bias facing and French seams – look so amazing compared to what I thought I would be able to do. And I have you and your amazing tutorials to thank for it. So thank you for everything you do to help spread the joy and skills of sewing. I have some of your other patterns that I am excited to start on, you know, after I make a few more Scouts. So a huge thanks to you, Jen, and all of the Grainline team.

  • Ruth

    Was there a picture of your wedding dress & I missed it? I heard you talking about it. I understand if you want to keep it private. I’m just curious. That’s all.

    • Jen

      No, there is no posted photo – Jon & I have chosen to keep our wedding private with the exception of one photo on the Grainline Instagram account. Thanks for understanding!


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