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Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

I’ve loved seeing everyone’s Stowe bags pop up on social media since we released the pattern with Fringe Supply Co. back in November! One thing that I’ve also seen pop up is a few people with questions about the optional step 15 in the booklet. Today we’ve got a little video tutorial for you on Step 15 of the Stowe instructions.

Stowe Bag: Step 15 from Grainline Studio on Vimeo.

Essentially what Step 15 does is create a permanent gusset in the bottom of the bag by sewing from the inside of the bag through the bottom layers along the seam line. The Stowe was designed to “stow away” when not in use, which is why we didn’t clip the corners during the pattern process to form a permanent gusset like many other square bottom bags. I personally prefer the bag without this last optional step, but we wanted to include the option. Hopefully this video clears up some of the confusion!

4 replies on “Stowe Bag Mini-Video Tutorial

  • Madeline

    If you do sew the gusset, you can still fold it nice and flat by folding the bottom center seam up into the bag (which you did at the corners at the end of your video, but now just extend it corner to corner). Your flat bag will then be nice and squared as it was without the sewn gusset. I agree, it’s nice to have both options!

  • napagal.clare

    You can also sew it like a “box corner” and then trim the excess and finish the seam. You can even omit the seams between the two halves of bag and lining. That, combined with a box corner, gives you an interior that is very professional and neat as a pin.


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