Join me for an Archer Retreat in Maine!

Grainline Studio Archer Retreat at A Gathering of Stitches

I’m really excited to announce one of my retreats for 2016, the Archer & Shirt Styling intensive at A Gathering of Stitches in Portland, Maine from Wednesday June 8th – Sunday June 12th!

Shirt making can be overwhelming to many but during this multi-day class we’ll tackle all aspects, starting with View A of the Archer pattern, then delving into its variations (short sleeve, sleeveless, etc.) and, depending on how time flies and how adventurous you are, moving onto the Alder!

We’ll start in the evening on Wednesday June 8th with a pizza meet & greet, then Thursday, Friday and Saturday we’re sewing shirts all day! Since this is a small class with three full days of teaching & making, that means there’s plenty of time to really absorb the material. You’ll be a shirt making pro in no time. It’s an instructor’s (and student’s if you ask me!) dream come true!

I’m so excited to hang out with you guys and make shirts in beautiful Maine. The Archer is still one of my favorites after all this time, and you know, button up shirts are pretty much going to be in style till the end of time. I hope you’ll join me, I’m really looking forward to it, and to potential Puffin sightings!

Signup starts on Febuary 8th at 12 noon EST, so mark you calendars, space is limited to only 10 students to keep things intimate and maximize learning.

You can read more (and sign up when the time comes) at A Gathering of Stitches!

11 replies on “Join me for an Archer Retreat in Maine!

      • Georgine

        Hi, I was going to ask something similar. I see there are so many different types of workshops all around the country, and very rarely (I did an Alabama Chanin workshop last year) do I see any in Chicago. I also wanted to ask if you know of any great stores (like a Fancy Tiger) for fabric and yarn. There seems to be a dearth of creative resources. I live in Geneva, and there is nothing in the Western Suburbs, and I am willing to drive to learn and buy. Thanks for any info.

        • Jen

          Unfortunately Chicago just doesn’t have the shops (at least that I know of) that would host something like this retreat. Cities that are a bit more DIY than Chicago – like Denver, Nashville, Portland (OR and ME) – just have more options since the communities that support them are more likely to sign up and buy the products they’re selling. As far as fabric & yarn Fancy Tiger is a bit of an anomaly in that it’s virtually impossible for someone to copy what Jaime and Amber have built for many reasons. There are 4 shops besides JoAnn that I know of in Chicago that carry more than just quilting fabric. They are The Needle Shop (North Side of Chicago), Vogue Fabrics (Evanston), Fishman’s Fabrics (South Loop), and Textile Discount Outlet (Pilsen). As far as yarn in Chicago proper, Nina in Wicker Park carries gorgeous yarns and Knit 1 on the north side near The Needle Shop is also great. There are more yarn stores in the suburbs, Kniche in Downers Grove & Mosaic Yarn Studio in Mount Prospect are two that come to mind. Hope this helps a bit.

          • Georgine

            You are so nice to get back to me so quickly. You would think, with our lovely winters, that more people would make – sew, knit, weave etc -since we aren’t spending time outside. Maybe the environment will change and new stores will open or Maybe I will have to move to Nashville

  • napagal.clare

    I have two Archers and love them! More in my future, especially after seeing your tunic/shirtdress version. Did you make any mods other than adding length?


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