Some of Our Favorite Lindens

Lately in the studio, we have been reminiscing about old Lindens we have made and talking about just how much use we have gotten out of our different versions. I thought today I would talk a bit about a few pervious Lindens that have been posted to the blog. I wanted to feature specific examples that you can look back on. There are a couple great tutorials as well as garments Jen featured from her wardrobe.

Both of us have been working on a few Lindens in the studio lately. It’s kind of always feels like Linden season, but we are working on particularly cozy ones right now. Chicago is getting chilly, really chilly. So making a Linden is a quick and satisfying project plus it adds another warmth option to the closet. Which we need and for all of you in the colder states, I bet you do too.

Some of Our Favorite Lindens | Grainline Studio

Split Hem Linden

Some of Our Favorite Lindens

The Original View A

Some of Our Favorite Lindens

Applique Lindens

Some of Our Favorite Lindens

Jen’s Cream Terry Linden

Some of Our Favorite Lindens

Jen’s Original View B

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  • napagal.clare

    Almost finished with my Archer, and LOVE it! Great pattern, Jen, and the fact that you have tutorials on your site, just makes it all the better. I didn’t have any problems, but it was helpful to take a gander at the collar notes. I might try a plaid flannel now that I have a solid one under my belt.

    As for sewing knits, I am behind the loop on that, and I don’t have a serger. Do you think it’s necessary, or can a good result be had without one?


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