Tamarack with Pre-Quilted Fabric

Pre-Quilted Tamarak Yardage | Grainline Studio

Pre-Quilted Nani Iro fabric at Miss Matatabi [clockwise from top left 1 | 2 | 3 | 4]

We’ve gotten a few questions about yardage from people planning on using pre-quilted fabric as well as batting by the yard. You’ll find the yardages for both below!

45″ Wide Layout | Sizes 0-18 |  2 1/4 yds

Tamarack Pre-Quilted Yardage 45 Wide | Grainline Studio

54″ Wide Layout | Sizes 0-18 | 1 3/4 yds

Tamarack Pre-Quilted Yardage 45 Wide | Grainline Studio

Tamarack With Pre-Quilted Fabric | Grainline Studio

8 replies on “Tamarack with Pre-Quilted Fabric

  • Lusty

    Thank you for this! That Nani Iro fabric is exactly what I’d love to use for the Tamarack jacket, but I do have one stupid question. You mention a layout for 45″ wide fabric, but all of those Nani Iro are only 41″ wide. I ran into issues with that extremely narrow width on another project so I’d like to just clarify whether your described layout would be affected by the narrower fabric.

  • Debbie

    Thanks. After looking at the pattern yesterday I remembered a pre-quilted fabric I’ve had for years. A gorgeous deep, deep solid blue. Now to find a fabric for the binding. I’m thinking a batik.

  • Kayla Green

    Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t tried my hands on creating a jacket with pre-quilted fabric for DIY for your home. I especially like the top-right print. So if I am a size Small, should I cut the fabric to a size Medium?


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