Fall ’15 Wardrobe Plans

Jen's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

It’s been a few weeks since my post on my fall wardrobe inspiration but I’m finally back with my fall / winter sewing plans! As always, these are things I’d love to make if I have time, but I’m not holding myself to any of this. I’ve learned over the years that keeping these wardrobe collections fun and relatively stress free is the best way for me to actually get any of them made. So lets get started!

1. Hawser by Jared Flood for Brooklyn Tweed: I’ve been knitting this for a bit now and I’m about halfway through the back piece. I’ve decided to knit it flat rather than in the round as the pattern calls for because I’m generally not a fan of having the weight of a huge sweater on my needles. I’m also modifying it to have a split hem with the back ribbing a bit longer than the front. I’m using BT Shelter in Cast Iron. [ravelry project link]

2. Diode by EricaKnits: I actually just finished this hat in some neon peach Madelinetosh Tosh Light but I love the pattern so much I want to knit a second one in a color that’s maybe a bit more wearable. I’m thinking this could be some BT Loft I have stashed but I’ll work up a swatch and see how it goes. [ravelry project link]

3. Mitts in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock: I made a pair of socks with this yarn over the summer and decided to use the leftovers to make myself a new pair of mitts. They’re the type with the flip top so I never know what to call them, but they’re coming along quite nicely. I’m hoping to finish them before Camp Workroom Social at the end of this week since it’s going to be ice cold there, but we’ll see what happens. [ravelry project link]

4. Cowl: I have no idea what pattern or yarn I’m going to use for this cowl, but every year I want one and every year I don’t make one. I’m hoping this is the year?

5. Socks: I have three new sock yarns, all Madelinetosh Twist Light in the colorways Antique Lace, Faded Parka, and Modern Fair Isle. Again no patterns picked out quite yet but I did get a lot of great pattern (and yarn!) suggestions on this Instagram post from a few days ago. Thanks to all of you who left suggestions for me!

Jen's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

6. Yoga Leggings: I want to make some leggings for the yoga I really need to get back to this winter. I was so good last winter – went for months every week – then fell off the wagon when the weather got nice. I’m thinking about trying out the new Sewaholic Pacific Leggings because I like that the style is based in athletic wear rather than leisure. Thicker waistband, contoured seams, you know what I mean.

7. Hemlock Tee: On the yoga front, I really like wearing a cropped Hemlock to class with a tank underneath so I can layer it up at the beginning and end of class before and after things warm up. I have this awesome hemp/cotton blend jersey from Fancy Tiger (my colorway is sold out) and a random grey rib knit of unknown origins that will be perfect for the job.

Jen's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

8. Linden Sweatshirt: I bought these two fabrics specifically to make some sweater style Lindens. The black & white is a novelty knit from Mood which I can’t find on the site at the moment, and the ivory knit is a wool jersey that feels so nice and will be a really nice, warm layering piece during the colder months.

Jen's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

9. Moss Skirt: It’s getting to be my favorite time of year for the Moss because I love wearing it with tights & boots! I really really need one in black denim. I have a pretty good contender above but I’m really looking for a denim without white threads, which is hard to find. I might end up going with a regular twill if I can’t find it but I’m going to search for a bit longer before I give up.

10. Lark Tee: Most of the Lark’s I’ve made so far have been for sample purposes (though I stole one or two of those for myself) so I want to make up a few more. I’d love one in this white & black stripe hemp blend I used for the first Lark Variation, as well as one in this light peachy pink tissue jersey. The grey fabric is Nike DriFit jersey which is earmarked for a short sleeved Lark for working out.

Jen's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

11. Pants: No pattern for these yet, but I’d like them to be something between trousers and skinny jeans, made from a really nice wool twill I’ve been hoarding. I love skinny jeans but sometimes my knees just need to be free, you know what I’m saying? I’m imagining a loose, yet sleek, slightly tapered straight leg with slash pockets in front and welts in back. A step up from my typical jeans look. I also have denim for a few pairs of jeans when I get the time…which could be a while.

12. Archer Button Up: Three plaids for this one! I seriously need more Archers, I wear them nonstop and haven’t made one in a while which means I’m about to wear through a few of my current ones. The black is a thin cotton flannel, the white & black plaid is Japanese cotton shirting, and the red is the thickest, coziest Mammoth Flannel from Robert Kaufman. Can’t want to get going on these, I really love sewing Archers!

Jen's Fall '15 Wardrobe Plans | Grainline Studio

13. Cascade Duffle Coat: It might seem like I have 4000 of these coats but most of them are samples and not for my every day wear. I wore out my personal short one over the past 2 winters from wearing it so much so I’d like to get a new one going. This fabric is a Rag & Bone coating from Mood that’s no longer available, but I think it’s going to be awesome!

14. Tamarack Jacket: I already have a few of these and love them SO MUCH. This will be our next pattern so more deets coming soon…!

In addition to this list there are a few random things I’d like to make – some camisoles for layering, a white woven tank, a bra or two, and I also need to replace the lining in this coat which I still love to death and wear nonstop. I think this list should take approximately the rest of eternity so yeah, no big deal!

I’m sure most of you have your fall sewing plans worked out already…any must  makes on the list?

32 replies on “Fall ’15 Wardrobe Plans

  • Paige

    Love these plans so hard!

    I think a gap-tastic cowl (rav) would be perfect for you. It’s just a huge moss stitch that comes together quickly and can be double looped for a bunch of texture and warmth or a long single loop.

  • Kalle

    Perhaps the honey cowl for your cowl? It’s simple without being boring, and seems like it might fit with your aesthetic. Plus the pattern is free – bonus!

  • Tiffany

    Regarding the denim for that black skirt, make sure you’re searching for Bull denim… it’s thick like denim (strong like bull! hah.) but solid like twill. (It doesn’t have the white warp yarns like traditional denim.) Fabric.com has black in three weights. I’ve made jeans out of their 10oz black bull denim and it’s nice, but washes down to a nice fade – so if you’re looking for it to stay deep black it might not be right for you, just depends.

    Also, SO. EXCITED. about that Tamarak jacket… hopefully it’s coming out soon?

  • Noelle

    Very ambitious plans! But I imagine you’ll enjoy any of the garments you find time to make. I’m pregnant so my fall/winter sewing plans are to make sure I’m one garment ahead of my belly. That is all. 😉 The new jacket pattern looks great.

  • Shivani

    Love these plans! That mammoth flannel is delish – going to try to hunt some down. (Just finishing off my first Archer and I just love the process! And the shirt!). No words to describe how much I’m looking forward to the Tamarak pattern!

  • bergonia

    I wish you curated a section for a fabric store or two (or ten). I feel like you understand beautiful real every day clothes better than I ever will. Neutrals with the perfect mix of prints is so hard once I get into a store and see all the options. If I had your eye I would be more willing to spend more money on a cut of fabric knowing that I would have an amazing outcome that is at least half as beautiful as a piece from your wardrobe. I do appreciate the wardrobe planning you’ve included and the fact that you have provided links is amazing. I’m just saying if you got together with a store and they just had a section of fabrics (that they already carry) in the right colors and weights and whatnot you could all make a killing… maybe that is just me but even if say Fancy Tiger had a section on their online store which just included pick of fabrics that would work well for various grainline patterns and it was up to the individual to mix and match I know I would be in heaven. Maybe this is a flaw to how I think about making clothes but I am from a garanimals generation and being less advanced in sewing means I end up with a pretty even mix of good and bad choices when it comes to sewing.

    My real point is that I love everything you are planning and very much appreciate the time you put into sharing it all.

  • Kathleen

    The Tamarack looks like a fun project, and perfect outerwear for a very mild winter climate: can’t wait! Ok, as far as I can tell those pants are near perfect….. pretty please, pretty please make them your next release after the jacket!!

  • Emma

    I’d be very happy with an autumn wardrobe with these pieces! I’m curious to see more of the new jacket pattern.

    I love the idea of sewing your own workouts clothes – where do you source nike dri-fit fabric from?

      • Jen

        I honestly can’t remember where I ordered it from, I’ll check through my receipts when I get time and see if I can dig it up. I do remember getting an email from The Fabric Fairy saying that they had some in stock, I believe in colors, so you might check there in the meantime.

  • Tina Olsson / Gavanna

    What a great plan! The Tamarack jacket looks just like one I own ( RTW) and it’s SUPER! Except mine has 3/4 length sleeves, just like the one in your inspiration, and it’s waaaay too cold. ( Need to make my own improved one)

  • Kirstin

    Yay we’re making Cascades together! It’s really my number 1 must-make because I was overambitious and donated my other coat! Eeeeeh, it’s starting to get cold in Belgium :-/

  • CamberwellGal

    Well – if no one else is going to say it, then your description of of jeans crossed with trousers is exactly what I’m after. I can only take having my calves gripped by denim for so long in a day. I’m dreaming of them in so.e kind of soft fuzzy steel grey fabric now (moleskin? Dunno). First on my list though is (yet) another Moss skirt.


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