A Quick Shipping Note

I’ll be popping over to Berlin next week with Jon, who’s in charge of our shipping and receiving, so I wanted to let you know that shipping will be very light next week. I’ll be shipping the last orders before we go on Saturday morning (09/19/15) and all shipping will resume going out daily on Monday Sept 28th. Thanks!

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  • erika

    I’m a huge fan of your blog and your patterns and I happen to also live in Berlin.You probably have lots of plans and don’t need any input, but just in case you are curious to check out a few fabric stores while in Berlin, here are a few that I’ve scoped out since moving here a handful of years ago.
    -stoffmarkt on maybachufer (this is actually a market on tues, fri, and sat, and has a focus on fabric. you can get fabric here really cheap)
    -Hüco Stoffe (a bit off the beaten path, but a huge selection, much like SR Harris in the twin cities. still reachable by public transport, even if the area is a bit odd)
    -Frau Tulpe (mostly cottons, jerseys, and a lot of print, including imported japanese print fabrics, a very fun store in Prenzlauer Berg)
    -Offstoff (a small, cute shop, also mostly cotton and prints; as with Frau Tulpe, also in a cute neighborhood)
    -Kumasch Exclusive Stoffe (fancier, nicer fabrics, large selection of silks, in Wilmersdorf)
    Those are just a few. I hope you enjoy your time in Berlin – I love the city!


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