Get Ready for the Lark Tee Sew Along

Get Ready for the Lark Tee Sew Along | Grainline Studio

We have been sealing and shipping orders like crazy this week! So if you ordered a Lark Tee, it shouldn’t be long before you receive it (if you haven’t already). What does that mean for us here at Grainline? It’s time to start the Lark Tee Sew Along!

We will be starting up the Sew Along on Monday, the 14th, with a post about sewing with knits. But we figured, why wait until then to start talking about fabrics? We have selected some specific fabrics that we think will work well for the different versions. The fabric you use for this pattern can greatly change the look of the finished shirt, which we think is pretty awesome and hope you do too! Jen and I have tried this pattern with tons of different (though carefully chosen) fabrics and the pattern has always yielded great results. We have included everything from tissue weight jersey to a heavier yarn dyed jersey. The most important thing to remember when shopping for knits is: you want a fabric with at least 20% stretch, which means most jersey knits will work great! If the fabric you choose has more or less than 20% stretch, just know the drape will change a bit.

Get Ready for the Lark Tee Sew Along | Grainline Studio

Get Ready for the Lark Tee Sew Along | Grainline Studio

one | two | three | four

Get Ready for the Lark Tee Sew Along | Grainline Studio

Get Ready for the Lark Tee Sew Along | Grainline Studio

five | six | seven | eight

Mark your calendars and pick up your fabric, because we are about to get this sew along rolling! Here’s the breakdown for the next few weeks:

Day 01: Picking Fabric & Schedule
Day 02: Working with Knits
Day 03: Constructing your Tee’s Body & Attaching Sleeves
Day 04: Applying Necklines – Scoop + Crew
Day 05: Applying Necklines – V-Neck
Day 06: Finishing the Neckline with a Boat Neck
Day 07: Hemming your New Lark Tee
Day 08: Variation 1 – Rounded Hem
Day 09: Variation 2 – Surprise
Day 10: Variation 3 – Draped Cardigan
Day 11: Variation 4 – Surprise

Check back in with us for Day 02 of the Sew Along on September 14th. I hope this post helps you as you begin searching for that perfect bit of yardage for your new Lark. Are there any fabrics you have found that you’re really excited about using? If so, let us know! We can’t wait to start seeing your finished Larks!

11 replies on “Get Ready for the Lark Tee Sew Along

  • Barbara

    I love your patterns, especially the knit tops, so I’d love to sew along but I have more acreage to cover than your largest size. Where and how could I add room to make a 54″ bust and proportional arms & hips?

  • wardrobeecology

    Loving the Lark Tee! It’s perfect timing because I moved from the west coast to the midwest this summer and was just starting to panic about not have enough transitional layers. I just ordered some wool blend jerseys from Fancy Tiger that I’m super excited about for late fall/winter, but I’ve also got some amazing Feral Childe printed jersey squirreled away and I think it’s calling out to become a Lark 🙂
    Thanks for another great pattern, can’t wait to start!

  • Rose

    My pattern has arrived. Now, I need to shop my stash for some much needed Larks! I will check out the suggested fabric to see what I have that is similar. Hopefully, I won’t be tempted to purchase until I have cleared some space.

  • Alyson Ray

    Can’t wait to sew up a few Larks! Will you go over determining how to know if the fabric has 20% stretch? Some jerseys are 100% cotton and some are 95% and 5% Lycra? It is tricky when ordering online. Thank you for another great pattern!

    • Kendra

      You’re right, it can be really tricky to know when you’re shopping online. Best things you can do to find out would be emailing or calling the shop to ask or you can ask for a larger swatch to test yourself. If you do order a swatch, you will want one that is about 6″ square. Also, 20% stretch is just a starting point, if it’s a little more or less it wont ruin the tee!

    • gilliancrafts

      Hi! I’m not anyone from Grainline but I do love sewing knits! 😉
      A cotton w 5% lycra like ARt Gallery Knits or Laguna jersey typically has about 50% stretch, so it’ll be great for a Lark, I’d think. 100% cotton probably doesn’t have enough.

    • Jen

      It depends on the fabric, as Kendra mentioned, the best way to tell is to contact the seller of the fabric or order swatches. Kendra and I have Larks & Lindens made out of a wide variety of fabrics, from 100% cotton to 55% hemp / 45% cotton, to cotton/poly blends, to cotton or bamboo lycra blends. You definitely don’t need to have lycra in your fabric to achieve 20% stretch, it just depends on the particular fabric and how it was knit. The rust colored tee in our sample lineup (it’s also swatch 2 above) is 100% cotton is one of my favorite Larks.

      Jersey is usually a good word to start from. Also 20% stretch is a lot less than it sounds like. After a while of testing different knits you’ll figure out what will most likely work and won’t work and will be able to identify those fabrics online. Purchasing from a brick & mortar store is always your best bet though if you’re unsure.

  • Beth

    I am a petite and the armholes look very big to me. Especially when I put one of my t-shirts that fit well up against the pattern (adjusting, of course, for seam allowances). What would you suggest? I suspect I need to adjust the length of the armhole and then adjust the sleeve. On the Alder shirtdress, I shortened the torso pattern (put a horizontal tuck in the pattern) to shorten up the armhole by about 3/4 inch with good results.


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