Alternative Cascade Yardages

Alternative Cascade Yardages

I’ve gotten an uptick in emails lately asking about specific yardage combinations for the Cascade Duffle Coat based on two of my samples, so I thought I’d share those on the blog today in case anyone else is wondering this same thing.

The first yardage is for the image above, the Cascade with a contrast yoke and hood. For this variation you’ll need 1 yd extra of fabric and you’ll need to cut pieces 1,3,12,31,32,33, and 34 out of it.

Cascade Alternative Yardages | Grainline Studio

Cascade Alternative Yardages | Grainline Studio Cascade Alternative Yardages | Grainline Studio

The second variation is from my original Cascade coat a few years back where the lining of the hood and the zipper bands are cut from flannel. For this variation you’ll need 7/8 yds of fabric and you’ll cut pieces 17/30, 31, and 32 from it.

Cascade Alternative Yardages | Grainline Studio Hope this answers your Cascade contrasting fabric questions if you had any. Also please note that all yardage for these variations was calculated with a size 18 and 45″ wide fabric. If you’re using a smaller size or wider fabric you may be able to adjust a bit.

Cascade Duffle Coat Sew-Along Alternative Yardages | Grainline Studio

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