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Lakeside Pajama Post Roundup | Grainline Studio

Original Post | New Pattern, Lakeside Pajamas!

Since we now have the Lakeside Pajamas in print I wanted to do a little roundup of our previous Lakeside posts on the blog since some of them happened quite a while ago. So without further ado, here they are!

Lakeside Pajamas | Grainline Studio

Original Post | My Lakeside Pajamas

First up is a little bit of Lakeside inspiration with my original pair of pajamas made for the pattern release. I used an amazing Derek Lam cotton that has the most comfortable drape and feel. I know a lot of you guys bought this fabric also back when it was available so you know what I’m talking about!

Sewing Tutorial | Lakeside Pajamas Bias Binding | Grainline Studio

Original Post | Sewing Tutorial | Lakeside Pajama Shorts Binding

The trickiest thing about the Lakeside is the binding on the shorts, but if you find that intimidating we have a great step-by-step photo tutorial to guide you through.

Pajama Party | Grainline Studio

Original Post | Pajama Party

If you’re looking for more Lakeside inspiration this is the post that started it all. Back when I used to do handmade seasonal wardrobes I made these two sets of pajamas. They’re a bit different than the current pattern, the main difference being that the tops pictured above don’t have bust darts, but they’re very similar.

Hope that gives you an easy guided tour through our past Lakeside Pajama posts!

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