Cascade Coat Pattern Update

Hey there guys. I’m completely crushed to report that there is an error in pieces 28 & 29 on View B of the pattern. I’ve uploaded a 5 page PDF update for the two pieces which you can download below. The center front bands of View B are slightly too long on sizes 0-14, evening out to the correct length at size 18. The silver lining I suppose is that nothing is too short which means that you can just trim off the excess without wasting any fabric. This mistake happened during the final layout of the pattern for print & pdf which is how we missed it during the extensive testing process, because it didn’t exist at that point. We strive for professional, easy to use patterns and I apologize wholeheartedly for this error.

Download the Updated Pieces 28 & 29 Here

11 replies on “Cascade Coat Pattern Update

  • bysandrahand

    Hi Jen, thanks you so much for the pattern update, I was doing the short version so I had no trouble, but again thanks a lot !
    I have one quick question still. I was wondering if I was understanding it wrong or if there is a mistake for the hood… Because if there is a facing for the hood, the lining should be shorten than the exterior fabric, right ? But the piece is the same for the exterior and the lining… Can you help me with that ? Many thanks again for you great work with that pattern I really really love it !

    • Jen

      No mistake for the hood, when you have a lining and facing you want the lining to be the same length as the thing you’re lining in order to create a small fold where the lining and facing meet. Again this enables the lining to reduce stress and friction on the outside layer of the coat increasing longevity of the garment.

  • sarah

    you make absolutely lovely patterns. i also feel like you always go above and beyond with great sew alongs. glad you were able to remedy the problem in a simple way.

  • Nina

    Hey, mistakes happen. Don’t be crushed! But… would it be possible to list the correct lengths, so I can correct my printed pattern and not do any PDF taping? Or is that going to be too complicated?


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