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I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who commented on my previous post about the evolution of my handmade wardrobe and how I got to where I’m at today. I’m blown away by your thoughtful comments and the stories you’ve shared. I’ve read, and re-read them and it’s just amazing to me that so many of us share such similar stories. It’s also reaffirmed to me why I love my job and how lucky I am to get to share patterns, garments, photos, stories, etc. with all of you! It’s a great way to start out the Thanksgiving week here, I know I’m incredibly lucky to have such a loving and supportive family which has no doubt helped me to get where I am. Never once have they vocalized that they were worried about the odd, long, and often financially broke path I took to get here, though I’m sure they must have felt that way! My dad helped me almost every day for weeks to get my studio in operating order this summer and my mom is always there to talk through any problem I might be having with fabric, weird construction ideas, or whatever random stuff I come up with. I know from going to art school twice that not everyone is as lucky as I am with this area. Every time someone tags me in a photo of one their garments, or emails me that they finally made their first piece of clothing using one of my patterns, I feel so proud. Not proud of myself (cause I never really stop to think about that, post for another day perhaps) but proud that this person decided that they wanted to try to make this garment and damn it, they did! This maybe reads a little lame (I’m kind of past caring if people on the internet think I’m lame or weird though) but Go Team Us! It’s amazingly powerful to know that all of us are out there supporting each other!

I almost didn’t let that post go live, I almost cancelled it about 5x the night before and woke up early stressing that people would think I’d gone off my rocker, but I’m glad I just went with it and posted. Thank you guys for being so supportive over the short life of this business, you’re what keeps me going with the next pattern, the next tutorial, the next whatever. Thank you.

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  • rillafree

    You are so sweet! I think parents can do so much when it comes to nurturing a child’s creativity and confidence. I definitely had a lot of support and encouragement from my own parents growing up and it’s been invaluable, even if I haven’t made a successful career out of being creative yet!!! I hope to do the same for my own children and nurture their interests and skills as there are few others in this world other than your parents who can make you feel that special. Happy thanksgiving! X

  • sewbusylizzy

    Funnily enough I was only saying to someone yesterday that I had a lot of respect for you as a designer & human being – yes, we have never met & spoken but I always think I’d like you a lot.
    I love that your design and business approach seems very true to yourself.
    There will always be ‘knockers’, that’s life & in whatever shape or form they come – in real life or on the Internet – we have to find a way to deal with, accept, rationalise & move on. These things define us if we let them – it’s a choice. Keep being Jen & Grainline, you ring true to many of us.
    I got the most unexpected, moving & personal card from a workmate recently. More so because we have often had our differences – big strong personalities do that. For many reasons it made me stop & reflect that we can all be so hard on ourselves. We hear negative and we see negative, in ourselves and others. Sometimes it’s good & healthy to stop and see the good things. I’m not saying sing kumbayah & hold hands. I’m saying that stopping to see the good intentions and beautiful qualities in people is important – for everyone – even if it’s just some of the time.
    Good on you.

  • Ingrid

    I can definitely relate to your struggle with choosing a career. I wish sewing had come in to my life much earlier – if it had, I would have probably influenced my choices. But not that I’m complaining.. Finding your blog early on when I started was brilliant. Making my first Archer was such an aha moment for me – I realised that I could actually make a proper garment. And pull off pattern matching while doing it! 🙂 I think my parents are still in chock when it comes to my sewing obsession – literally no one saw that coming. I thank my lucky star for the online sewing community for constantly feeding me with more inspiration. So my conclusion to this rambling note is – keep writin!

  • eimear

    i too enjoy your posts especially the last one, and i read the comments on your last posting, not only was it great to read your experience of getting to where you are now, it was also great to read others of similar and differing paths (i did pattern drafting, first year fashion, then finished fine art print …..) I think what put me off fashion design was probably that i was overwhelmed by the course, and my concept of clothing and fashion was different to the reality of the course (dont know how to phrase that). i now find the diversity and ingenuity of the online sewing community so inspiring, and i am now happily sewing and pattern drafting again, for the love of the making.

  • valerie

    Love your patterns! Love your posts! Love your pictures! They all make me realize that I can make beautiful handmade things! So thanks for Grainline Studios!!!!

  • Alison

    I am inspired by you. Just last week I had a couple of Mum’s from my kids’ school ask if I would do sewing workshops for beginners. It was out of the blue as my job has nothing to do with sewing but have loved it for the last few years. Now I think it could be a whole new direction I could go down, even on a part-time evening basis. I was going to say “no” as it seems to scary and I’m not a “professional” sewer but having read your blog, I’m gonna go for it! Thank you for your passion and joy of sewing!

  • sallie

    Go Team Us indeed!! I’m very grateful for you and your patterns! Each pattern and blog post inspires me, teaches me, and empowers me. Thank you, Jen (and thank you, Jen’s supportive family!)

  • chloeti

    I started to sew your pattern although I’m french and they are written in englisch (obviously) and althrough I’m still a begginner in sewing, because I love your style, it’s more wearable (for me) than a lot of patterns and I found your explainations allways very helpfull. So I’m very glad it helped you but, in fact, it’s your work that made this happend! I don’t think I would have support a pattern maker that did a bad job!!
    Thank you a lot, you made me grow fast (sorry if it’s unclear) and became a better sewer! I allways read your blog with a lot of interest

  • Karen

    That’s the great thing about putting tools like sewing (or in my case, knitting) patterns out into the world – when you see one of your designs walking around on a person who’s made it, it really is a ‘Team Us’ moment! And the fact that you empower us to make our own clothes really is a win-twice moment. Thank you!!

  • Leslie

    I love your patterns and have purchased three so far! The Moss, Archer and Shirt dress. I just finished the Moss skirt and love how it fits! You have amazing collection of patterns! Love reading your blog!

  • christinehaynesdotcom

    “(I’m kind of past caring if people on the internet think I’m lame or weird though)” right on sister! props to you and carry on with your badass self! happy thanksgiving week 🙂

  • Mary Ellen

    Thank you so much for sharing from your heart – I enjoy reading your blog posts and reading about your knitting. Keep it coming!

  • Rachel

    Love it. Always important to say thanks and how much you appreciate things-and great to hear! Your posts, projects, etc. have been inspiring me for quite some time!

  • Kelly

    I’ve been behind on commenting, but I wanted to chime in about how that post touched me. I’m so glad you were able to stick with what you wanted to do, even when it seemed like an inferior choice. It’s really clear through your patterns that this is a good place for you. So many of your designs have become go-to patterns for so many of us. You make patterns that fit my lifestyle and the way I want to dress like no one else. Anyway, I think a lot of us struggle with the difference between what is the right, ambitious thing to do versus what we really want. I certainly am at this minute, and your post was an encouragement to me. Thank you for sharing, I’m so glad you finally hit publish!

  • Ellen

    You have every right to be proud of what you have done. You give us top quality patterns, and such great support. When I have a problem, there is a post to help me out. So nice to see you give credit to your family. They support us in so many ways. Looking forward to many new patterns in the new year.


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