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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where to buy ribbing since publishing the Linden pattern. I have a few places that I’ve been able to find ribbing but I knew there were more out there so I asked you guys in a previous post where you’ve found ribbing you liked either online or in a brick & mortar store. You guys really came through with suggestions, so many that it took me quite a while to compile this list! I’ve listed the shops in order of the country they’re based in for easier and cheaper shipping options for you guys, then divided those lists into online and brick and mortar only shops. Each shop includes a link and on each online shop that link will take you directly to the ribbing section of the website as this is what people seem more interested in rather than just knits in general. If a shop only sells knits and not ribbing I’ve excluded it from the list as pretty much every shop ever sells at least one knit and I didn’t want the list to get bogged down and out of hand. I’ve also listed where the shop ships to based on what I could find on their websites. I’m sure there are more we’re missing so if you’ve come across this list and have a great shop that should be included, leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to keep the list updated!

*Please note that this is a crowdsourced list and I have not personally ordered ribbing from each one of these shops. Feel free to review any of them in the comments below if you do end up ordering!



Emrose Designs | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Funny Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Fabric Depot | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Fabric.com | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Fabrications Online | Ribbing | Knits | Ships to US and Canada

Girl Charlee | Ribbing | Knits | Ships to US and Canada

Hart’s Fabric | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Nancy’s Notions | Ribbing | Knits |Ships Internationally on most items

Organic Cotton Plus | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Rockywoods | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
(large range of technical outdoor fabrics)

Rose City Textiles / Fabricline.com | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
(large range of technical fabrics from Portland outerwear companies)

Seattle Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
(large range of technical outdoor fabrics)

Stylish Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally


Bontai Trimmings | New York, NY

Mill End | Portland, OR

Pacific Trimmings | New York, NY (also one of the only sites that has a good selection of RiRi zippers, the dreamiest zippers that have ever existed).

Rose City Textiles | Portland, OR

SR Harris Fabric | Minneapolis, MN

The Fabric Store | Los Angeles, CA



Land of Oh | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally



Crafty Mama’s Fabric | Ribbing | Knit | Ships Internationally

The Remnant Shop | Ribbing | Knit | Ships to Australia and New Zealand


Rathdowne Remnants | Brunswick, VIC, Australia

The Fabric Store | Australia, New Zealand



Peak Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally
(large range of technical fabrics)

Simplifi Fabric | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally


Fabrications Ottawa | Ottawa, Ontario



Ottobre |Ribbing | Knits | Ships to Europe, North America, Canada, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand

Sydilla | Google Translate isn’t helping me on this. I think ribbing and no idea where they ship.



Dots n Stripes | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Kitschy Coo | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

My Fabric  cuff fabric here | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

NeoTrims | Ribbing | Knits | Ships to UK, Europe, and Asia

Plush Addict | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Tia Knight | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally

Tissu Fabrics | Ribbing | Knits | Ships Internationally


Cloth House | London, UK

Misan | London, UK


Still can’t find what you’re looking for ribbing wise? Try these ideas…

Recycle the ribbing from an existing sweater or sweatshirt

Pick up and knit along the edge of your garment (this works best with sweater knits)

28 replies on “Where to Find Ribbing Worldwide

  • Anna Marie

    Thank you for this – it took a lot of work for you to organize and compile. Your effort is appreciated. I’ve avoided several patterns because I could not find quality ribbing. Thanks again

  • Birgitte

    Your token Norwegian blog-reader to the rescue! It seems Sydilla is located in Sweden, because they list that you can pick up your fabrics in Östersund if you want to. They ship to the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany and France. Here is the link for their ribbing selection: http://sydilla.no/butikk/basisstoffer/ribb

    Thanks for putting all this information together!

  • Laura

    Weirdly, I just bought some & have never seen it for sale anywhere before today. It was from The Shuttle in Shipley (West Yorkshire, UK) and they had loads of different colours. They don’t sell online.

    Looking forward to making this 🙂

  • Jana

    Okay, I have no idea whether there are any other Austrian seamstresses out there, but I know of at least four stores here in Vienna where they sell ribbing that seems decent quality to me.
    1. Komolka (http://komolka.at/). They have an online store, but it’s a mess and I can’t find the ribbing. They ship within Europe, at least, but also have an “other country” option on their order form, so I don’t know whether they might possibly ship internationally. Their brick and mortar store (the main one) is really good, it’s quite big and they sell mostly apparel fabrics in different price ranges (up to really, really expensive cashmere coating and hand-embroidered bridal silks and stuff like that). The salesladies are almost all super nice and helpful, and knowledgeable. If you happen to be in Vienna and you only have the time to visit one fabric store, this is the one I would recommend.
    2. Stoffsalon (http://www.stoffsalon.at/). This is a small, mostly quilting-oriented store, but she has some apparel fabrics, including ribbing in quite a few colours, and even some 100% organic cotton ribbing. The brick and mortar store is small, but bright and cheerful, and both the owner and her assistant (?) are lovely ladies who are very enthusiastic about their customers’ projects. They have an online store and seem to ship within the EU and to Switzerland, from what I can tell. Their ribbing selection is here: http://de.dawanda.com/shop/stoffsalon/2234710-BIO-Buendchen-Oeko-Tex-Buendchen
    3. Giraffenland (http://giraffenland.myshopify.com/). Another small, mostly quilting-oriented store, this one with an even stronger focus on children’s stuff. A lot of very cute, colourful cottons, including knits, but they also carry basics like cotton sweatshirting and matching ribbing in several colours, and they have striped ribbing as well. They have an online store and they say that they ship worldwide. Their ribbing selection is here: http://giraffenland.myshopify.com/collections/bundchen
    4. Herzilein (http://herzilein-wien.at/). Another rather small store with a focus on children’s stuff, they sell handmade children’s clothes and accessories and that sort of thing. They carry fabrics in one of their stores, including lots of colourful kiddie knits and ribbing, both solid coloured and striped (at least the last time I visited their store). They have an online store, but not for fabrics, as far as I can tell. I like this store the least of the four I’ve listed, it’s somewhat dark and the salesladies are not quite as welcoming as the ones in the other stores, but the few fabrics I’ve bought from there so far were good quality.

  • Casey

    Oh wow! Thank you so much for compiling this list–I know it must have been a lot of work. I’m getting ready to move from the US to Europe, and have been trying to find some places to source knits overseas, so this is going to be super helpful!

  • Judie

    Thanks for the list. Just want to let you know that Spotlight in Australia have ribbing year-round. They are a bricks & mortar store.

  • Jessica

    Thank you so much for compiling this info! Just a heads up – the link to the Fabric Shop listed under Los Angeles, CA takes you to the Australian shop.

  • arianek

    Holy smokes! And my goodness, how did I not know about this universe of technical fabric shops?! All the fancy fleeces! I’m gobsmacked.

    Just out of curiosity I looked up the organic fabric shop in Berlin that I love so much, and they have a legit website now (they didn’t last time I checked) with online ordering and everything! And they appear to ship internationally with DHL. They had a tiny section of ribbing for cuffs that are all organic: http://www.siebenblau.de/epages/61896147.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61896147/Categories/Naehzubehoer__Kurzwaren/Bio_Strickbuendchen

  • coco

    Great list! And for anyone who can’t get to ribbing – or doesn’t like it – or can’t afford it, a note: I use plain old jersey knit, cut across the stretch/width of the fabric. It works and looks great! I’ve used it on sweaters, jackets, and on my just-finished bomber jacket, cuffs and waistband both. Will post the latter soon. Great way to use remnants…and get those elusive colors.

  • Fran Giacobbe

    What a great resource list for a difficult to find item! The way you organized the list is awesome!The Linden is next on my list.

  • Corina Kostreba

    Hi. I tried going to the Bontai (NY) site but it comes up as Botani Trim and their website sells zippers. I also searched for Bontai and nothing comes up for that name. ribbing is so difficult to find so all the efforts on the part of our fellow bloggers and your hard work compiling this list is GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED.

  • Susanne

    Hi Jen,

    Here are two online sources for Germany (The EU-section was a bit slim – and that second shop is not even in the EU – at least the domain suggests it is in Norway ;-)):


    -> I am sure I don’t have to mention that Lillestoff offers amazing quality knits (and ribbing of course). The site is also available in English and they recently started selling to consumers directly through their own online-shop. And they have a brick-and-mortar factory outlet near Hannover too.


    -> This is one of my favorite online shops for fabric. I have ordered ribbing from them and it is amazing quality, alot of it being from Hilco. Not sure they ship outside Germany and the site is only in German. But the customer service is excellent too.

  • Sara Berkes

    I like how I find out my local fabric store sells ribbing through you, who doesn’t even live in the same country as me, let alone the same city… trip to Fabrications in the works! Thanks girl!

  • auraoriano

    I’m not sure how much Seattle Fabrics charges for shipping, but a word to the wise if you shop there. You should verify how much they actually cut or you may find yourself overcharged and short of fabric. They also charge for ribbing by the inch, not the yard. 65 cents an inch to be precise, which can present another opportunity to be overcharged whether you are in person or ordering online. I know one should carry a measuring tape in general when shopping for fabric and today’s experience with Seattle Fabrics is a complete reminder to me!


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