Alder Sewalong: Schedule & Badge

Well! As of Tuesday night I’m still operating out of boxes and am still coughing like crazy so I’m going to have to start the official sew along on Monday. I hope you guys aren’t too upset but I really want to make it good and only knowing where 25% of my supplies are isn’t really a great start. When I did the Archer Sew Along I was able to plan ahead adn have the whole thing photographed and ready to go before the sew along started, this time I’m not so lucky. Word to the wise, don’t release a new pattern, launch paper patterns, move house & studio, and go abroad all at once. It’ll throw you off for a while!

Today I’m posting the schedule along with a little blog badge if you find yourself interested in that for your site. On Friday I’ll be doing a fusible specific post since I got a few questions about that, and then Monday we dive into Day 1 below!

Alder Sew Along Schedule
Day 1: Fabric & Supplies
Day 2: Selecting Your Size
Day 3: Specific Fit Adjustments
Day 4: Cutting Your Alder
Day 5: Sewing the Button Bands & Attaching Pockets
Day 6: Attaching the Yoke: 2 Methods
Day 7: Sewing the View B Skirt
Day 8: Assembling Collar & Collar Stand
Day 9: Attaching the Collar Stand: 2 Methods
Day 10: Perfect Armhole Binding
Day 11: Easy Buttons & Buttonholes
Day 12: Mandarin Collar Variation
Day 13: V-Neck Variation
Day 14: View A Shirt Variation
Day 15: View B Shirt Variation
Day 16: Alder + Archer Pattern Adjustments
Day 17: Alder + Archer Sewing Instructions

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