Moss Skirt Updated Cutting Layouts

Hey guys! So over the time that the Moss skirt has been out I’ve received sporadic emails saying that there’s a drafting error in the waistband pattern. Over this time I’ve sewn up 30 additional skirts (3 of each size) beyond the original 10 that I made before the pattern was published and never had a problem. I also had my intern sew some up because if more than one person was having a problem, there’s something going on, and I wasn’t catching it. She had the same results as me and approx. 50 skirts in we were stumped so I kept thinking what could be going wrong. Well I think I figured it out this past weekend when working on the updated file and verified with someone who recently emailed me about this problem. What I believe is going on is that the cutting diagram is misleading in the pattern. The waistband should be cut flat and not on the fold, which it says on the pattern piece, but I can easily see how just reading the diagram would look like it should be placed on the fold. The skirt pattern piece is not symmetrical so depending on how the pattern was placed on the fold it will end up either several inches too short or too long. I’m posting the updated cutting layouts below. If purchasing the pattern after July 1st these will be included in the pattern instructions. If you have any questions about this you can email me, as always, at

Grainline Studio | Moss Skirt Updated Cutting Layouts

18 replies on “Moss Skirt Updated Cutting Layouts

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for keeping at it until you solved the mystery and as others have said your commitment to quality is amazing!! I will be sure to pin this for later use!!

  • M.W.

    So timely! I just cut this out and wondered that exact thing. And I cut it on the fold! But have enough fabric to re-cut it flat. Thanks for the heads up!

  • lsaspacey

    The timing is amazing! I was going to cut out my skirt last weekend but then had a sinus flareup and decided against it. I was getting confused as to which pieces I was cutting out of my denim and which I would cut out of some lighter cotton print fabric to cut down on any unwanted bulk. Now I can cut and feel secure in all my decisions. Thanks!

  • sewmanju

    Thanks for clarifying this Jen as I encountered this problem when I sewed my mini. I plan on making another version in the autumn so will come back to this.

  • macinic

    Thanks Jen!!!! I’m just finishing up my 3rd Moss – such a great pattern – & the waistband inconsistency was perplexing! I’m very glad you’ve got to the bottom of it & let us all know 😉

  • Tania

    Thanks Jen, I to had the same problem as others, with the waist band being to short, when I tried to sew up two skirts. To be honest I thought it was just me. I am absolutely stoked that there is solution to my problem though and I had misunderstood the pattern. I can’t wait to hit the sewing machine this weekend and sew up one that this time will hopefully work.

  • Jenny T

    So glad to hear this and I have re-cut the waistband twice (thinking it was my mistake and wondering what was going wrong)…and even lengthened the waistband the second time – which did not work. Looking forward to trying it again with this information. Very excited as I have been looking forward to finishing and wearing my Moss skirt. I thought I was going crazy! 🙂

  • kristonlion

    yeah what do you do with the 50 skirts? sell them?? I like to make my own clothes, but it would certainly be something special to have something MADE by the DESIGNER!!

  • charliewensley

    That is so helpful. I’ve made two mosses to date (50 is nothing short of awesome) and I love them. Had a tricky time with the first waistband and no problem with the second and thinking back it’s because I cut the first one on the fold and not the second. So glad you found the problem as it can be so frustrating when you know there is something awry but it’s impossible to find the cause (I’m looking at you excel budget spreadsheets …). Alder is stunning BTW. Have mine planned!

  • Mel

    I just bought the pattern a few days ago and cut out the waistband pieces unfolded, so I was mystified when my waistband seemed far too short anyway – it matched the corresponding pattern piece exactly.

    Because I was positive that the pattern can’t be the problem, and cutting wasn’t either, I pondered over it for a while. I tried spreading out all the parts, to check just how exactly they were supposed to end up in the finished item – skirt in front of me, waistband (right side out) above it, when suddenly that darned thing was just the length required!

    The seemingly too short waistband is now attached to the skirt without any difficulty, the whole problem was how I tried to put them together in the first place.

    It is kind of hard to explain since English is not my native language, but in case anyone else is still struggling: there are at least two possible ways to attach the waistband, one working out just fine and the other making it look like the pattern piece is way too short – i really hope this makes sense 😛


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