Me Made May Recap

Grainline Studio | Me Made May Recap

You guys ready for some Me Made May Recap time? Just when you couldn’t get enough selfies of me on IG I’m throwing them at you one more time. Sheesh!! Anyway, I chose to document my Me Made May on Instagram (@grainlinestudio) and things started out well enough, but somewhere early, around day 15 I just couldn’t handle another photo of the same outfits in front of my fridge. Confession…I’m a serial outfit wearer. When I start wearing something I just want to wear it nonstop until I turn my outfit laser focus onto another unsuspecting garment. Lots of repeats so I kind of stopped photographing them. There are one or two MMM Instagram photos missing here but all the photographed outfits are represented. I also took my Portside set up to the cottage and totally failed at photographing that. Ah well.

Grainline Studio | Me Made May Recap

So what did I learn from this month? I already knew I hate having my photo taken and that didn’t change. Here’s my list…

  • I haven’t been able to make anything new for myself lately because I’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the new pattern release and shop relaunch and I’m pretty tired of a lot of my clothes. I’m itching to get done with this so I can move on and get myself some new outfits!
  • I don’t have enough Hemlock tees. When I’m working I really like to wear leggings and an oversized tee b/c I’m up and down from the machine so much, I like to be comfortable. I actually only own 2 Hemlock tees, the ones from the tutorial, and I SERIOUSLY need to get on that shit.
  • I also need to make myself some bottoms. It was a really weird May in Chicago, cold enough that I couldn’t really wear my Maritime Shorts or Moss Skirts (at least without tights and come May there’s no way you’re getting me into tights). I definitely need to get on the pants wagon. I have a dream of a fall pants pattern release so maybe that’ll happen…
  • Definitely could use to weed out some of my older garments. Some of them I just never wear, mostly because they’re totally worn out.

Grainline Studio | Me Made May Recap

I really really enjoyed seeing everyone else’s Me Made May photos and I have to tell you, waking up to Twitter and Instagram alerts from all kinds of people wearing the garments they’ve made from your patterns really is a great way to get the day rolling and get me ready to work. That’s what gets me up in the morning and back to the computer, or pattern table, or sewing machine, or that beast of an iron in the new summer Chicago humidity. You guys are THE BEST!!!

Also I should add, all the patterns here are my own, though only about half of them are currently published. Above are the Archer, Lakeside, Hemlock, and the upcoming Alder Shirtdress. You can find them all in my shop here except for the Alder which is coming in a few weeks. It’s at the printer now, so soon I promise!

22 replies on “Me Made May Recap

  • lisa g

    i’m not one to follow style blogs and a brand new outfit to only be worn once for a gorgeously styled photo… so i loved your feed, even if it meant repeats! repeats mean that something was worth wearing, right? so your patterns must represent most of my wardrobe at this point, i should break down my own MMM by pattern designer… but yay to not taking anymore selfies! even though i loved seeing everyone’s outfits!

  • Kelly

    You make the most wearable patterns, so it’s no surprise they all come out during MMM! If I could stand taking selfies at all, my May would have been focused on Grainline as well!

  • Zanna

    It’s so ironic that I stopped taking selfies for MMM too, but because I kept wearing the same Scouts/Archer/Hemlock everyday…

  • Kara

    I would love a pants pattern from you! I appreciate all the hard work you put into your patterns and can’t wait for Alder!

  • Anna

    all of it is so gorgeous! I can’t wait for the Alder! My closet is so bare because I keep getting rid of store bought clothes and not replacing them with handmade. I’d better get on it!

  • kathi giumentaro

    The Alder looks wonderful. I can not wait for it. I made 12 Archers so far and see me doing the sane with the Aldet shirt dress.

  • Caroline Joynson

    So looking forward to the Alder shirt dress!
    80% of my MMM repeats were Grainline patterns, so ‘yeah’ to you Jen. You rock.
    I would absolutely love a trouser pattern from you – just know it will be fab x

  • Bellbird

    You know that most people repeat their fave clothes over and over again, right? At least, I do, anyway! As much as I enjoy seeing other peoples home made outfits, I’m not sure if MMM is for me because I want to wear what I want, when I want, and that includes the jeans I wear pretty much every day and the three archer shirts that I wear on weekly rotation! So I don’t think you should feel at all bad about outfit repeats. You are super stylish and heck, I didn’t even notice, anyway!

  • Cirque Du Bebe

    Yup can totally relate to your sentiment about finding something you like and then wearing it till death do apart. I get like that with bras mostly. Find one I like. Wear it every day until I absolutely have to replace it. Cannot wait for newbie pattern.

  • kristin

    Oh I’m a huge outfit repeater (in fact my favorite thing to wear right now is my swiss dot Archer!). Loved your MMM – never got boring on my end – and I’d love to see a pants pattern outta you for fall! That’d be awesome. So looking forward to the Alder, too!!

  • Melanie

    Yeah, I love that you rewear so many items, it’s a great testament to the versatility of your patterns! It’s also refreshing to see homemade items that can actually be worn like they were store-bought—over and over again rather than covered in plastic and kept in the closet.

  • Tammy

    Hurray! While the Alder dress is a pattern that is one to look forward to, I am eagerly anticipating a pants pattern from you, as I, too, live a in cold climate. I would far rather support your studio than purchase a pattern from the big four. I have been holding off on making pants for this reason!!

  • Gudrun

    I really hope you manage to release a fall pants pattern, I would be so happy! I also live in a cold climate and wear pants all year round. I always think your patterns are so lovely and bet a pants pattern from you would be too.

  • magpieness

    Can’t wait for the Alder dress! I am looking forward to making non-maternity, breastfeeding friendly dresses for when spring rolls around here in NZ (September, just after baby is due) and the Alder looks perfect for this 🙂

  • Geo P

    My scout tee has been my most worn item during mmm and before, I need to make more.
    I have my fabric ready for the Alder dress, washed and ironed ☺

  • Charnelle

    Glad to know i’m not the only one who wears the same few items constantly 🙂 I’m slowly building up my handmade wardrobe, so my chambray archer has been my most worn recently. I really enjoyed seeing your MMM and can’t wait for the Alder release! I know exactly what fabric I’m going to use for my first one… i just need to order it still.

  • Zoe

    Great to hear that you had a fun MMMay! Your self-stitched garments are AMAZING and I really hope you get time to sew for yourself really soon. xx


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