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Grainline Studio | Marketplace Feature

I’m so excited to share this news, I was interviewed for Marketplace a bit back and my piece aired yesterday! I was totally nervous to see what made the cut into the final interview, the interview I did down at WBEZ was about a half hour long. It was really strange, sitting in a little sound proof room with fancy headphones on and a little round microphone, talking to them in LA, especially since I was super nervous! Anyway I’m super happy with how the little piece turned out, especially all the little sound effects, which are actually me working! They sent someone over to my house to record me working, (Bill Healy, who it turns out is an award winning  journalist and sound recorder so he was totally overqualified) and that part was really really fun. I had to keep making the loudest noises I could with my tools on repeat…it was pretty hard not to laugh.

Anyway, you can listen to the finished piece below or click over to their site to listen there, hope you enjoy and also get a sense of just how much I love my job making patterns for all of you. And me, my wardrobe definitely benefits. Ha!

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  • jojokanner

    The ONE day I’m not listening to NPR/Marketplace, and there you are! Yours is one of the 5 sewing blogs I follow religiously, and I’m very happy to see that you are getting some happy recognition. Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing your world with me in sunny FL. Keep up the terrific work!

  • Caroline Joynson

    Hey Jen, its cool to hear your voice! You sounded great and its really lovely that you are doing a job you love so much ; ) Go you!!
    I thought the ‘pattern-cutting’ noises definately added context to your piece – nice work Bill Healy.
    I’m hoping to join in the Moss Mini make next month if I can squeeze in some time for sewing.

  • Alison

    Loved loved hearing you on marketplace last night! I was making dinner when it came on and when they introduced the segment I thought, ” hey, that’s Jen!!”. I stopped turned up the radio and cheered you, your words and your work from afar. I know I don’t really know you (it’s just that odd feeling of connection that grows here in blog land), but I did want to shout a little thank you and well done to you this morning.

  • Samantha

    I liked hearing your voice. When I sew your patterns (mostly Moss to date, although it’s time to get going on an Archer…(or 2), I feel like we’re having a conversation. So now I know what you sounds like when we’re talking about seam allowances, hems and altering the yoke. It is a silly little thing, but I wish they could have somehow mentioned that you sell sewing patterns to millions of home sewists… Looking forward to your Madewell Scout!

  • sewstitches

    What a great interview, really enjoyed it & the sound effects of you working were great too. I love your patterns, I’m just at the beginning teaching myself pattern cutting & your blog together with your interview has given me the inspiration to keep going 🙂
    Sharon (from the UK)

  • Sarah Hoadley

    Hi Jen, it was great to hear your voice. I recently stepped into the world of indie sewing patterns and before I knew it I had made two Moss minis, a Tiny Pocket Tank and a Hemlock and am half way through an Archer Shirt. Your designs are so classic yet hip and a love wearing everything that I have made so far. Listening to the Marketplace piece makes me feel even more connected to you and your patterns. That is a good feel and one that is definitely missing from the anonymously mass produced clothes that are everywhere. It makes me want to be more deliberate about my clothing choices.

  • lisa g

    that is soooo cool! congrats on the interview! it’s always fun to hear the voice of bloggers i read. you are truly one of my favorite pattern designers, your work never fails me!

  • Blogless Anna

    I loved listening to the interview. It was so good to put a voice to a name/a face/a brand. You’re enthusiasm for what you do and your appreciation of us, the people buying your patterns, was clear. As the Paul Kelly (Australian musician) sings… from little things big things grow! Your little company has had a huge (positive) impact on the worldwide sewing community. Love your work!

  • Yumi

    This is amazing Jen, congratulations! You make some of the most beautiful an versatile patterns out there. I look forward to more patterns from you in the future.

  • Ann

    Short, but sweet. I love the interview, and am so grateful to be able to sew your patterns. I thought of you last night when I saw an ad on television for Chico’s. They are advertising the “new”, sexy longshirt. It resembles your Archer blouse with the gathered flounce in the back. You are definitely ahead of the curve.

  • zilredloh

    Woot! Totally tuned in to the live broadcast last night – streamed from my phone. It was a great piece & I hope you get some fun, unexpected traffic today.

    I noticed all of the sound clips too and thought they were taken at your place. Too bad we didn’t hear Roamy in the background. 🙂

  • linda

    What a sweet interview! And I can definitely hear in your voice how sweet and genuine you sound when talking about your craft. Thanks for sharing, Jen.

  • Diane

    Great interview, Jen. It was nice to hear your voice; it conveyed the enjoyment and passion you have for your craft. So cool.

  • Kristine

    I heard the interview in my car on the way home from work yesterday and couldn’t wait to check out this website when I got home. Sounds like you love what you’re doing! As a sewist, quilter, and needlewoman, I can so appreciate your craft. I mentioned the interview and you to my daughter who lives in Chicago and it turns out she already has some of your patterns and is quite familiar with your work.

  • MadeByMeg

    Gaaah! I often listen to NPR as a sew, and I would have FREAKED OUT if I had heard this live on air. But I couldn’t help myself and went ahead and listened to it here. How awesome!

  • Jodi

    I heard the tail end of your piece on NPR last night and looked up Grainline. Now I am following your blog, checking out your patterns and wondering where I went wrong with my career choices! Hooray for small/local pattern makers.

  • Sally {thequirkypeach}

    This is so awesome!!! I so wish I would have heard it on NPR – SURPRISE! 🙂 It’s so cool to hear the voice of someone you only know in e-mail and pictures – the sound effects were pretty amazing too! Congrats on the whole shebang 🙂

  • Sally

    That was awesome…. Sound effects added to it but your enthusiasm and love for the work came through loud and strong. Glad you won’t be disappearing!

  • TinaLou

    I really enjoyed hearing your voice – your love for your world shines through! Oh, and is there a Moss Mini make in May? I must sign on for that!

  • Dee

    Jen congratulations, what you do is awesome you are a one woman enterprise that captures the essence of the new sewing movement we all find ourselves collectively part of…I know i check you blog very regularly love you inspiration, your no nonsense approach to making your own stuff, and last but by no means least your style!

  • Barbara J

    Yay! I listen to Marketplace all the time, many times when I am actually sewing. I have a little radio crush on Kai 🙂 So glad you got the exposure, Jen, along with all the new followers who will see for themselves the wonderful work that you go.

  • Sarah S

    So glad I looked at your blog today. I listen to NPR every evening but missed the airing. You didn’t sound nervous and I enjoyed the interview. I’ve bought the Scout Tee pattern last summer and recently, I’ve come across a blogger that mention you. The world feels small! So fun!

  • Sarah Mikaela Williams

    I just happened to be driving to the grocery store when your interview aired. You sound so genuinely passionate and fulfilled by what you do! Great feature!


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