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One thing I really love to see is people taking my patterns and adapting them to make something completely new. That’s exactly what Portia did with her Hemlock Dress, it’s kind of the perfect knit dress. I don’t know about you, but I am seriously going to copy her on this one. Yes, I have no shame, this idea was just too good.

Name  Portia

Pattern  Hemlock Tee

Portia’s Blog  Miss P

Her Project Post  My Hemlock Dress

What type of fabric / materials did you use? “I used a medium weight jersey with a fleecy underside (so it’s super warm and cosy) and a kind of graphic paint smear effect.
From Minerva Crafts at £5.99/m (I used 2m).”

Tell us more about your project! “I’d already made a more “faithful” version of the Hemlock Tee. It was such a fun (and super quick) make that I was itching to try it again. When I received this jersey I knew right away I wanted to use the Hemlock pattern again. But I didn’t necessarily want an identical version of the top I’d already made. So I decided to get creative and adapt it into a slightly closer fitting dress pattern.
I’m super pleased with the results!

This really is such a great pattern. One thing I would like to point out is it’s versatility! You don’t need to use a tissue knit. You don’t even need an overlocker to take advantage of this pattern. I shyed away from using a tissue knit as I don’t have an overlocker. I thought my standard machine would eat a tissue knit for breakfast and then belch out the mangled remains with a satisfied burp! (She’s classy like that) So I opted for medium weight jerseys on both my versions. A simple stretch stitch, with a zig zag finish, then the excess trimmed away. That’s all I did. Jersey sewing needn’t be the preserve of overlockers peops. I say, give your standard machine a chance. You might be pleasantly suprised at the results….;)

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7 replies on “Sew & Tell | Portia of Miss P

  • CamberwellGal

    Aha – so I see I’m in good company in contemplating a blatant rip off of Miss P’s excellent Hemlock dress! I’m so relieved! It does indeed look like just the garment for autumn; my other knit dresses are feeling either just a little too girly, or possibly frumpy, but damn they’re comfy. I am such a Grainline patterns fan, not just for their fantastic drafting, instructions and the rest, but for their straightforward, pragmatic, utility. They’re almost always an amazing canvas for cool fabric, but its the way their pragmatic lines toughen up otherwise ‘pretty’ fabrics and means you still look like you mean business (especially when you work in the anti-fashion universe that is a university) and are just really, really good for simply living in. Gotta love MissP’s Hemlock for exactly those reasons.

    Anyway – enough eulogising – another Moss skirt, and definitely a Hemlock sweatshirt weight dress are on the list!

  • Alex

    I love it all – the print, the style and the fit. Winter is over for me but I could see this as a great spring / summer evening option in the right fabric.

  • Stephanie

    SO GOOD. I love the fabric too.

    I think dress/slouchy sweater + leggings/thick tights + boots will be my uniform until April. I’ve worn jeans a few times this week and it wasn’t very enjoyable.


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