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Grainline Studio | A Day in the Life at Tilly and the Buttons

Perhaps you’ve seen this already, but I’m the Day in the Life person this month over at Tilly and the Buttons! It was actually surprisingly hard to write this since really no two days are the same for me and I’m generally pretty bad at talking about myself, but I did my best. So, if you have ever wondered about my feelings on rolled oats or where this day job I occasionally speak of is, head over there and check it out.

A million thanks to Tilly for featuring me in this amazing series with so many wonderful and inspirational people. Tilly, you rule!

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  • Sandra

    Great interview! I hear ya about the “tea first” — me, too. Wow, you have some long days; I’m sure (well, hope) that doing what you love makes it all worthwhile. I enjoyed reading your A Day in the Life. Thanks so much!


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