2012 Recap | Sewn Projects

Well it’s been quite a full sewing year for me. I wish I had had time to do more for my seasonal wardrobe projects but I think I did pretty well overall in the sewing department. Here’s a roundup of everything I’ve sewn this year excluding the zillion muslins I made for development and to test each size of the new patterns. That’s 10 finished muslin garments per pattern folks plus whatever I sew while drafting the pattern…yikes!!

12 projects sewn for me this year, though one of the project was 2 sets of pajamas so if we’re counting things separately then it’s 15. I had hoped to do more than one garment a month but hey, at least I did one garment a month! Small victories.

I made a few garments for other people. These two were for my sister and I also made Luke a shirt which I will now be unable to photograph. It was a black chambray buttondown though so you get the idea.

I didn’t make too many sewn ‘things,’ for lack of a better word, this year. 2 Wee Wonderful Dolls, a cat bed and some pillows for my ex-couch, but I’ll bet those things will look even better on my future couch when I get one. Someday.

I was lucky to participate in two Refashion Swaps this year, a button up shirt refashion in the spring and a pants refashion in the fall. I kept saying I was going to make one of each for me but you know, sometimes you just have too many projects.

I also made my friend Katie her wedding dress this spring. I had such a blast working on this dress with her, she’s really a one of a kind gal. We literally made three versions of this dress before we finally settled on the lace overlay. I don’t have a finished photo but the dress had a long sleeved lace overlay. She looked amazing in it, I promise!

And last but not least is all the sewing I did for hound this year. I did a 50 piece edition for Of A Kind this summer in addition to my Spring collection so I clock in at around 125ish finished garments sewn for hound which again, doesn’t include any muslins.

All in all that’s approximately 147 sewn garments or 151 sewn things this year or 12.58 things per month. Can’t complain about that!

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  • Quinn

    “At least one garment a month” sounds pretty good to me, especially when added to all the other projects…including that massive number of muslins! I think you had a very productive and instructive year, and I hope 2013 will take you down new and wonderful creative pathways 🙂

  • Amy

    Goodness, I had no idea you did your own production! That’s mind-boggling! I love the variety–that doll is absolutely adorable. Happy New Year!

  • Jenn

    Don’t forget the narwhals under sewn things! It’s been a blast reading your blog this past year. Keep it up! And I’m still waiting for that blazer pattern *nudge nudge*

  • Carolyn

    That is an insane number of sewn items!! With the amount you sew for Hound and your pattern line- I think it’s lucky you’ve had time to sew for yourself at all! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year…

  • Caitlin

    You are so productive it kills me! I can’t imagine you making more than you do because you are like a one woman sweatshop working 24/7. I hope that Roamy and Sister remind you to take breaks. I love the things you made this year, with that awesome hooded toggle coat topping the list – I want one so bad! It’s gonna be cool to see what all you come up with for this new year 🙂

    • jen | grainline

      Okay you are going to laugh at me but I sort of have this thing where I feel like I’m actually really lazy and don’t use my time wisely at all. I guess I did get a lot done but I still feel like I’m a time waster masquerading as someone who is productive. God I’m a weirdo. Roamy makes me take breaks but sadly I lost Sister in the split. Ugh, I’ve been crying all day about that one, I miss that crazy ass girl!

      I’m really loving that coat so much and a few friends have tried to steal it from me! My plan is to have a pattern for a short version and long version with a collar or hood ready for next fall. Plans plans plans…..

      • Caitlin

        Oh no! I am so so sorry you lost Sister, I can’t imagine how sad that is along with everything else. :/ I hope Roamy is giving you extra snuggles while you’re going thru this.

        I have similar feelings about productivity, like I’m not doing enough. Especially now that I’m unemployed, it’s like ahhhh I have so much time I should be doing tons and creating as much as I can. Sometimes I think the Internet makes me feel unproductive bc I compare how much I do to what others do. Never good!

        Um I’m all over that coat pattern whenever you have it available! Ok email length comment over.

  • Robyn

    That’s one impressive finished garment count. I only found your blog this year but I really love your patterns and tutorials. Wishing you all the best for the new year, I can’t wait to see what you create in 2013.

  • martha

    Holy smokes, Jen that is a lot of sewing. I’m being a weirdo and buying your shorts pattern today. Even though it is 27 degrees out I’m doing it; every time I see a photo of them I think about how awesome they are.

    Anyway, I never commented on a few posts back because I didn’t know what to say, but I am really sorry that things didn’t work out between you two. Break ups are such hard things. xo friend!

  • gingermakes

    Holy cow, 150 sewn things this year?!?!?!?! Girl, that’s amazing!

    I’m thinking about you lots and lots– hoping you’ve got the time to heal and get used to your new situation. And maybe you’ll need a new little pug puppy soon…? I’m so sad for you, but I’m glad you’ve got Roamy.

  • Mel

    Oh I hope to be this productive with my sewing someday! Question: Did you use patterns for the chambray collared sleeveless dress and the gray/white sleeved baby doll(ish) dress? I’ve been wanting to make garments just like those, so if you could link to the patterns, I’d really appreciate it!!



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