Just Checking In…

So it’s been 2 solid weeks since my last post…I didn’t mean to disappear off the face of the earth but things have gotten so busy here that I haven’t had any time to do anything but work. Not complaining at all, I’m having a great time getting things done, but there just hasn’t really been a spare moment to post here. On Friday one project finished up, a wedding dress for my friend Katie. I’m SO excited about how beautifully this dress turned out and Katie looks stunning in it! I can’t share too much since her wedding is next weekend but here are a few snaps from my studio. I have found a few spare moments to make 2 things for my spring wardrobe. I’ll try to be back here asap but for now I’ve got to get back to work. I’ve been posting on the Hound blog more frequently as I get things ready for the new collection + photoshoot so you can stop by there and see more of what I’m up to if you like!

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  • indigorchid

    That is just gorgeous! I’ve been getting more into looking at weddingdresses after starting work at my bridalstore (there really are som lovely ones, but I think my taste lies a little to the side of mainstream wedding gowns) – can’t wait to see how this one turns out if you’re able and willing to share!

    Also, with your fabulous tip of organza bias binding for lace I’ve been wanting to start a lace project of my own. The thoughts are just gestating until something good pops up.

  • Grace

    Ah! You work in bridal! I just got engaged and I want to make my dress. I’ve never done a wedding dress or anything that important. I would LOVE if you could share some Bridal sewing/patterning tips. I’m starting from square one with no real ideas except that i want lace.


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