2011 Projects in Review

I was so excited to do this end of the year roundup, in my head I had sewn a zillion things in 2011. Turns out I sewed a zillion things for hound and only 12 things for myself plus knitted 2 items. I did make myself a few hound garments but it feels weird to post too many of them here. I feel sort of sad about this tiny dozen, though it’s definitely an improvement over 2010! I think I really figured out what sort of things I like to sew for myself this year though, and that’s not nothing. It’s hard to pick out the thing I wear the most since I wear them all a lot (or did when the weather was right) but at the moment it’s probably the Moorland Melton Coat or the Scout Tees. In order for me to sew something I have to actually be able to incorporate it into my everyday wardrobe or else it needs to be for a specific event. I used to sew so many fancy style dresses and skirts etc. back in my younger days but then would find there were really only so many occasions for these things. I actually never really had occasions for these things so they are still in boxes hiding out in the back room. My sewing keywords for 2012 are updated classics, modern, streamlined, color pops and neutrals since I really hardly ever buy or sew neutral colors.  Another thing I really want to do this year is actually utilize my Pinterest styleboard, something Alana mentioned in her 2010 sewing roundup. I have literally never done anything with my pins and it seems a shame to be collecting them for nothing.

I’m trying out this new thing, Thinglink, that I found via Oona via BurdaStyle for the project grid. I’m on the fence, it’s sort of weird but I’m going for it anyway.

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  • Stephanie

    You make the most beautiful, stylish clothes. Those are twelve items to be super proud of. I’m excited to see what you create this year – on this blog and for Hound.

  • amy

    Pinterest has definitely helped me figure out my style too. And this year has definitely been a turning point for me as well in figuring out what I actually wear and in deciding what to make/buy that I will actually wear. I have far fewer purchases that I wear only once. Which is a good thing, back pocket and closet space wise. Keep up the good work!

  • indigorchid

    The photo-thing is totally fine! Also, I feel the exact same way – wait, where *are* all the stuff I sewed this year? Surely, I sewed… lots!? Turned out I sewed thesis stuff for five months straight and then didn’t have my sewing machine until recently – so sad! In my head I made a million things this year. (except you actually did!)

    I’m so pumped to get back into this.

    • jen | grainline

      Isn’t it funny how it feels like we made so much stuff?! Once you get that machine back you’re going to be unstoppable! Go 2012!


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