fall wardrobe part five | edenham dress

I’m back…and with a finished dress! I am ever so creatively calling this the Liberty Edenham Dress (named for the fabric) because I am all named out at the current moment. I actually finished this dress a little over a week ago but had to wait to post because it’s this week’s Featured Project on BurdaStyle. You can head over there to read a bit more about my inspiration on making the dress and check out the pattern and instruction tutorial to turn the pattern into this dress.

We did the photos last time I was at the cabin with my dad behind the camera and my Mom playing stylist. It was pretty windy so they had a big job. The funniest thing was when we were starting out, my dad said “Oh I’m not a photographer” and the next thing I know he’s got me in a zillion different places telling me to stop slouching and getting me props (for my awkward arms). Pretty great. Anyway the shoot was a lot of fun, probably the best part, and the dress is already in pretty heavy rotation. Yes!

7 replies on “fall wardrobe part five | edenham dress

  • cai

    It looks so cute and comfy and looks great on you! I used that same print but in the navy background colorway for a tunic, it’s one my favorite prints especially since it’s Liberty awesomeness.

  • Holly

    This dress if fabulous. And I always love your Midwestern camp settings! Makes me sentimental for things I never experienced. Maybe it’s those John Candy 80s films…

  • Melissa

    Super cute dress! I love your knitted beret as well – did you make it? I’ve been thinking about knitting a similar one for myself. I may end up making this entire outfit 😉 Ha ha!

  • Sophie

    Gosh you are such an inspiration. I can’t get enough of your seasonal wardrobe planning and then seeing the outfits make an appearance one by one is amazing! I hope you do one of these for every season! Your clothes are so tasteful too.

  • Natasha Jane

    I like the part about your dad because that’s just like my dad when he helps me with photos! He gets me to try new poses by saying things like “pretend like you’re waving to someone over there.” Gotta love goofy dads.


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