some beautiful fall/winter knits

I know that I’ve got my plate pretty full with my Autumn Wardrobe Project but who can resist adding more projects to the never ending list? Not me for sure. Here are four knits that have caught my eye in the last few weeks…

1. Toasty Warm Tea Cozy. Is this not the cutest tea cozy ever? I am always looking for a tea cozy living in Chicago (land of long winters and drafty old brick apartments) but can never seem to find one that fits my idea of a great tea cozy. This tea cozy is pretty much what I’ve been thinking of. I think I’m going to slip this project in after my Icelandic sweater. The pattern is a super affordable $5.00, and think how many cafe drinks you’ll save on when you could be drinking tea out from under this little beauty!

2. Vashon. Well it’s hard to go wrong when you have cables and mustard yarn, really. I like this as a sort of updated fisherman’s sweater. In my head I would make a size up from what I usually wear and then put a long sleeved button up under it. Maybe a small checked one. Of course I don’t actually own any of these button ups but one can dream right?

3. Aidez. This one, of course, goes on the list. Am I the last knitter on earth to not have knit this cardigan? The photo is one of my favorite of the knitted bunch, Julie of Knitted BlissAidez in Eco Wool. I’m pretty sure this is the yarn I would use, though perhaps a bit darker.

4. Winterberry. I guess depending on where you’re from the popularity of hot water bottles is different but growing up in Chicago there weren’t a lot of hot water bottles on my horizons. Now that I have one, I need to knit up a cover for it. It’s hard to decide on one (I guess a hot water bottle can potentially change outfits) but this cover is definitely high up on the list. The bottle in the photograph above was knit by Postscript Love. Seriously everything she knits is gorgeous and makes you want to knit one!

8 replies on “some beautiful fall/winter knits

  • martha

    Great minds think alike I guess! I have the Vashon pattern, I’ve not knit the Aidez cardigan even though I love it, and a hot water bottle is definitely needed here. However, I cannot find one, how weird is that?!

    • jen | grainline

      Not weird at all, I couldn’t find one either and luckily a super nice Canadian sent me one. Seems they’re sold everywhere there!

  • Julie

    what an awesome round up of cozy knits, and thanks so much for the sweater love!! It is truly one of my favourite sweaters of all time. And it goes with everything.

  • Ginger

    I love this collection! I’m working on Aidez right now (just have the sleeves and the seaming to do!), and I’ve been thinking about a hot water bottle, too, after seeing the Winterberry pattern on Ravelry! So cute!

  • kenz

    getting the courage to seam up my aidez today! I felt like i was the last person to knit it! I was inspired by that version too, I used the same yarn and color, and upped my needle size to make sure it was a bit oversized (my favorite). We’ll see how it goes!

  • Meghan

    Just made half of the vashon sweater and LOVED it but unfortunately was using recycled yarn and don’t have enough to finish it :'(

    I definitely still want to make it as well as Aidez. I love Cirilia Rose’s patterns


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