a quiltish weekend

So, I spent this weekend at my parent’s house helping my mom with this sort of crazy/awesome small quilt that we came up with and designed for an applique club that she’s sort of a part of in Manitowish Waters.  Our neighbor Manitowish Waters neighbor, Pat, who is a member of the quilt guild and applique club there brought my mom to the applique club with her a few months ago and it happened to be the meeting where they announced their new project…the “Essence of Me” quilt.  Apparently it was supposed to be a self portrait quilt without using a photo of yourself, but nobody could figure out what that meant and they had to re-name the project.  My mom wasn’t going to take part, but kept running into members around town and they would ask how her quilt was going….so we decided she had better make one.

Between the two of us, we decided that the “Essence of Me” quilt is basically a quilt full of things you really like and so we went with that.  I’m not going to give away too much because I’m trying to get my mom to guest post here once a month with a project she’s making (she makes a LOT of cool projects, she’s one productive lady) and I’m pretty sure she’s going to want to talk about this quilt.

I will say that it involves a pretty awesome beagle though.  Just a little peek, I can’t keep that to myself.

For part of the quilt we decided that we needed to embroider some text and for that we needed to bust out the Embroidery Module of her Bernina.  That thing hadn’t been used since oh maybe 2006 and when we opened it up we found this sample.  OMGOMGOMG I could not stop laughing!!!  Who was this person who embroidered die hard die twice in HUGE pink embroidery thread?  My mom swore it wasn’t her but I STILL couldn’t stop laughing.  We never did figure out how to use the Module, but by the time we gave up, my mom admitted that it was her that embroidered it though she swears it was for a guy at work who wanted a cubs hat to say die hard cubs fan. Sure sure.

Last but not least, I found these super cute cat scissors + pins at one of the quilt shops we stopped in at.  Are those little kitties not the cutest things ever?!?!  They are my official thread snippers now and are surprisingly sharp.  I’ve never really bought sewing accessories based purely on cuteness but these could not be left behind.  Plus they were only $3.50…we’ll see how long they last…

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