morphing mittens and life

Oh these mittens.  When I started them this winter I was determined to have a seed stitch center section [as you can see here] but I just never really loved how it looked.  It was fine not on the hand, but the panel never stayed centered when you had it on your hand.  Maybe it was fine, but I just wasn’t loving it all that much so when I looked at the forecast for this weekend at the cabin and it was upper 80’s lower 90’s with almost 100% (and at times 100%) humidity I decided they needed to come with instead of the Icelandic sweater.  Boy that would have been awful if I had brought that!  The old mitten has been turned into a new mitten with a subtle large cable running up the center.  I like these much better and the super soft alpaca/angora blend yarn seems to like being this much better.  So far I have 1.5 mittens finished.  I would probably been able to have finished them up on the car ride home but I somehow forgot my knitting accessory bag and couldn’t take the thumb stitches off the needles to keep going.  Oh well, I’ll get them done eventually.

In other news, I was laid off from my day job last week which is sort of a bummer.  While hound and the patterns I sell here make a small profit, it doesn’t come close to an income to live off of and goes right back into the next hound collection.  My other job is what supported me day to day.  I am trying not to be to down about it while I start looking for a new job, but jobs in fashion are few and far between in Chicago.  At least I’ll have more time to sew, knit and read between sending in applications?!

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  • christine

    dear Jen,
    I just found your blog very recently, and it has quickly become a favorite! It’s funny because I actually remember seeing your inventory picture of self-stitched-september on flickr last year.
    I’m sorry to hear about your day job, I was in a very similar situation a few years ago, and it definitely sucks. I wish you luck to make the best of your new situation, and hope this can be a starting point for something new and great in your life.

  • Kristen

    Hi there, I am so sorry to hear the bad news. You are very talented and I love your work. I hope you find a way to do what you love and make a profit from it as well – whether that is through Hound or a new and fabulous day job. Best,


  • Claudia

    oh no! I’m so sorry 🙁
    wonderful people get wonderful jobs so don’t worry. something amazing is waiting for you!!!
    take care and, wow, super mittens!

  • jen | grainline

    Thanks everyone, hopefully something better comes along and this will definitely give me some much needed time to devote to some personal projects. I’ve started calling it my “self employment” instead of my “unemployment!”

  • michael ann

    oh man, good luck with the job search! i’m sure with your skillz you’ll find something in no time :] its good to be positive and take some time for yourself though, i know when i was job hunting post graduation last summer my mom kept telling me to quit worrying so much and have some fun…

  • s

    hey, hope you find something soon. i agree with everyone else in that you are extremely talented. you seem so down to earth and like-able as well so good things just have to come your way.

    i hope you decide to sell your “studio dresses” dress pattern. it is so good. almost too good. i would pay good money for a tank top dress with buttons up the front 🙂

  • Jordan

    Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, it was a big part of me starting my own blog and getting me more interested in sewing. I have your “tiny pocket tank” sitting on my lap right now, I’m getting ready to bind the arms. Hope you get a new job (that you like) soon!

  • Caitlin

    Your mitten look great! I’m sorry about your job loss :/ That really sucks, especially if it was unexpected. Hopefully you’ll find something even more awesome than where you were. And soon!

  • Zoe

    So sorry to hear about your job, a total arse. Still, good things often come out of tricky situations, I’m sure another opportunity to use your vast and impressive skills will prsent itself soon enough. Sending lots of positive thoughts



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