sewing reunion

Tonight, after 8 weeks at the repair shop, I was reunited with my sewing machine!  It’s been awful.  I have no image to go with this news, so here is a photo + story about my cat.  Roamy is obsessed with water, at a level I’ve never seen before.  I have to buy spring water for my iron (weird, I know, but our water has too much iron in it from our pipes) and in December she realized that these jugs are full of water after she saw me pour the water into the iron.  Since then she has been OBSESSED with these jugs.  I used to keep them on top of a small dresser next to my ironing board, but she drags them off sending them crashing to the floor in an attempt to get the water out.  Now I keep them in the floor and she will drag them around the studio.  Sometimes she has her arm so far through the handle that I think she must be stuck.  This is insane and I’ve been trying to get a video of her crazy for a while.

Anway, finally back to the sewing, omg.  Now I can sew up a sample shirt from my pattern and finally get it up on this site, work on my next collection and hopefully sew up some clothes for myself.  It’s sure been long enough!

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  • Julie

    yay for getting the sewing machine back! It's funny how cats pick odd things to get obsessed about. one of my kitties adores the crinkly sound of candy wrapper,s and anything that makes that sound receives her undivided attention until she loses it under the fridge or stove.

  • Erin Wallace

    Just wanted to let you know that I've awarded you the I Love This Blog award. You can see it here. I realize that many bloggers don't accept or show their awards and that's fine; just wanted to let you know you had been awarded


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