blazer fail

Well I’m a bit behind on my Self-Stitched September quota so I thought I would stop making my own patterns and use some commercial ones. Here is my attempt to make a quick blazer from the March 2010 Burda Magazine, style 121. I decided that I wanted to lengthen the blazer and omit the darts, but unforunately it turned out HUGE! Now, I don’t mean huge as in I shouldn’t have omitted the darts, I knew what that was going to do, but huge as in I went by my bust size and the armhole seams sit a full inch off the side of my shoulder and the bust turned out about 3″ too big. Woah, woah woah, can we say FAIL!?!? I’m going to either try to make a smaller size or just grade this one down to a more reasonable size. Probably grade because I’d have to print out all 26 or so pages, tape them all together, cut out a smaller size, then add the seam allowances all over again. That is just way too much work for me today since I have a major cold + allergies. Anyway, just thought I would share the ultimate oversized blazer and my oversized morning fail. Haha!

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  • evergreenknits

    Thanks for sharing this, actually! I'm a beginning sewer and get very discouraged by all my mistakes, so it's kind of encouraging to see that even experts can have fails too, ha!

  • emily.marie

    i was thinking of trying this one myself, love the way there's no collar, but still lapels. why are patterns so crazy with fit & sizing?! i'd rather just make my own as well, but the TIME, oh the time! totally loving your blog, glad to find it! you've great style.

  • jen

    Haha, this is totally my fault, I should have measured the pattern like I usually do, but I guess I was just hoping it would work out. No such luck though! I'm going to give it another go when I get more time, I have not given up on this lil jacket!


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