watery depths dress

I’ve been meaning to make some studio dresses for a while, but I just finally got around to starting on the project (oh, by studio dress I mean dresses I can wear in the studio, i.e. comfortable, cotton, cool, room to move). This is the first dress in the studio dress series, and I think it either looks like watery depths or clouds. I used the pattern I made from the chambray top I posted earlier with some changes and literally cut at rectangle of fabric for the skirt, attached a button band and popped on some buttons. The buttons are Lady Washington Pearls from the Mississippi River which I picked up at our favorite antique store in Monroe, WI and they have a nice weight to them that seems to keep the front of the dress in order. I’m hoping to find more fabric in the future to start on number 2, I finished this the night before we left for the cabin and I wore it almost the whole time. It’s not just for the studio, I have found it to be great for relaxing, drinks on the dock, dinners at old resort lodges and also for speed boating in old 70’s boats. Who knew?

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