mom times wednesday

Yesterday I went out to my parent’s house to hang out with my mom. My dad is up at the cabin working on the pontoon boat motor (always boat motors are breaking, what is the deal with boats?!) so we decided to have some party times. We went on a ton of errands, our first was to the needlepoint store to get a frame for the Charlie Harper Needlepoint I won from Purl Soho so I can work on it at the cabin next weekend. It’s been super hot and humid in Chicago lately and I decided that after about 5 years of not wearing shorts that I needed to get some. I had something like this in mind, but perhaps a bit cheaper (I know they’re on sale but I’m on a crazy tight budget). We checked the sale sections at Urban Outfitters, nothing, for fun we decided to check the sale section at Anthropologie and found a really cute pair, on sale for $99.50, totally not happening. At Nordstrom rack we found a pair but they came in every size but 4, though I found the cute shoes above there. I’ve been in love with the Swedish Hasbeens for a while, but again, cannot afford $193 for shoes. A zillion other stores were checked and we eventually found a cheap pair of cropped pants at Old Navy for $15, took them home and performed a bit of magic (i.e. cutting) on them to turn then into shorts.

I picked up The Valley of the Dolls at the suggestion of Anabela and plan to start on it tonight. I had started reading All the Pretty Horses, but can tell it’s going to be a fall read for me. My mom and I also checked in that world market store for some Nougat de Montelimar without luck but found some new Kinder Happy Hippos chocolates which were enjoyed with coffee and tea at home after this crazy excursion.

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  • anabela / fieldguided

    Oh! When I saw the picture I felt so happy! I hope you will love it as much as I do. I feel terrible when people don't like things that I recommend!

    Love the shoes. I want a pair like that but I have two pairs of clogs already!

  • Ella

    i only recently discovered your blog, and i must say, it is quite lovely. i saw on your profile that you have a pug! i had a pug as well, it only recently passed. aren't they the best? 🙂

  • jen

    I wore the clogs out and they bruised my ankles, I swear I thought I was dying the next day of ankle blood pooling or vein failure or something. Freaky!!

    Ella, so sorry to hear about your pug, they are the best though! I really want to bring home a tiny black one so I have a little fawn and black, but not until we get a yard first.


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