trouser time


I just found this blog post over on Burda Style all about non-traditional (or edgy as they like to say) trousers. I’ve designed and made plenty of pants for models but I’ve never made pants for myself. Now that I know there are cute trouser patterns readily available, I may give it a go!

On another semi-related note, I’ve decided to take part in Self-Stitched-September run by the lovely Zoe of So, Zo… where the basic concept is that you wear only things you’ve made (with some exceptions of course) for the month of September. I’ve got a long way to go to make this happen because while I do sew a lot of clothes, they are mostly for other people so this will definitely be a challenge for me! Check it out, maybe you’ll want to join up!?

3 replies on “trouser time

  • Zoe

    Woo hoo! So glad you are on board. If ever you needed a reason to make yourself some trousers, surely SSS is the one?! Umm, I'm wondering why you called these trousers and not pants?

    Zoe x

  • jen

    Haha at first I just called them trousers because that's what they called them in the article on burda style, then it seemed so funny to me that I just went for it and used the word trouser as much as I could.


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