Well here we are on March 1st, one month closer to spring and time for my blog it forward inspiration post. I was having a really hard time narrowing this down. Of course I am inspired by my friends, my family, everyone around me, so I decided to do 2 things that are inspiring me right now and 2 things that continually inspire me year after year.

Right now : Minerals of all sorts

Right now : Google earth images, especially salt evaporation fields

Always : Walking around Chicago

Always : Being at my parent’s cabin in northern Wisconsin

Next up is Indie Fixx!

5 replies on “inspiration

  • Allyn

    beautiful photos in this post. thanks for sharing your inspriration. happily drawn to the sight via blog it forward! i'll definitely be back for a return visit. : )

  • Marisa Midori

    Amazing photos! Those salt evaporation fields are so cool. And the photo montage is really beautiful, too. I moved to Milwaukee a couple years ago for school and have yet to go up north. Maybe this summer!

  • becka

    Such a great post, I'm feeling the mineral pull at the moment also! I really love those photos of Chicago and Wisconsin, I'd love to explore that area more, it looks so beautiful! Perhaps I can persuade Richard one day…


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