leaf + acorn print

mociun inspired ikea dress

Today when I got dressed I realized that I had never photographed this dress. As a rule, I try to photograph everything I make and this is why. When my mom was younger she sewed things for herself constantly, but *gasp* over the years has gotten rid of almost everything she had made, leaving only about 3 pieces for me to see (one is a Pendleton wool 3 piece suit).

50 : 365

I made this over the summer when I had to go to a friend’s wedding. It’s obviously based on the Mociun tie-front dress, which I sadly could not afford for the event. My clothing budget is about $100 every 2-3 months, so $420 (or even $252 on sale) just is not in the cards for me. Anyway I think it turned out alright considering I decided to make it a day and a half before we left for North Carolina. It’s really easy to wear year round, though it looks especially great in the summer speeding along on a Robin Hood bike towards the lakefront with a picnic in the basket.

5 replies on “leaf + acorn print

  • Kitten

    Wow, that is super super cute. I think it looks even better than the inspiration dress. Now I wish I had a version to wear to a picnic in the summer. 🙂

  • becka

    So pretty! You're such a clever lady, I really want to get better at making my own clothes ( I too have a limited buying budget!). I love the red shoes, too!

  • Claudia

    You rock! A few bloggers got that dress and I was like:"honey, is it normal that I think that 400$ for a dress is kinda crazy a bit??". Your dress is perfect and the fabric is super cute. And when you have a limited budget (like me!), it makes things even better when you get a similar look for a lot less $!!!

  • jen

    Thanks you guys!

    Kitten – It's a pretty easy dress to make, I definitely didn't use my patternmaking skills too heavily for this project. If you had a pattern for a basic bodice you could make one really easily by altering the neckline and adding a skirt.

    Becka – I am really trying to make more of my own clothes right now, especially since I have patterns and a serious addiction to stock piling fabrics. I just need to remember to take the time to sew for myself!

    And Claudia – I also noticed that! While I love supporting small designers, etc. that is just a heck of a lot of money for me at this moment (and probably always)!! Our wardrobes are going to be awesome once we make all these handmade clothes!


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