new year

new year

happy new year. 2009 went out with an unfortunate bang. My cat of 17.5 years had a stroke and had to be put to sleep and my car was stolen and totaled, all of this happening in the second half of December.

Today was spent drinking tea and re-organizing our apartment and studios. I don’t really make new years resolutions, they make me feel bad when I break them, so instead I just decided on two things that I would like to happen in 2010.

one : I would like to read more books, this severely waned in 2009 after starting hound
two : though I am generally pretty productive, in 2010 I would like to try to increase my productivity more

And now I am going to go work on parts one and two.

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  • becka

    Oh, that is a rough end to the year. I'm sorry!

    Reading is one of my 2010 goals too, I was always such a big reader but last year with starting a business or two I never managed to find (or make) the time. I hope to change that this year!

  • jen

    The exact same thing happened to me, I feel like I must always be working on the business. 2010 should become the year of reading.


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