Driftless Cardigan

New Pattern Release… The Driftless Cardigan!

Driftless Cardigan | Grainline Studio

Cardigans are an essential piece of any transitional weather wardrobe. We have been cooking up a super cute one that we are elated to share with you today. Meet the Driftless Cardigan!

Grainline Studio | Driftless Cardigan

It’s the perfect cardigan for cooler temperatures throughout the year. Wear it when temperatures drop on a summer night or when it’s crisp in the autumn. It’s been mild the past few days in Chicago so we got to take ours for a spin around the city minus our jackets which was glorious.

driftless pockets

The Driftless Cardigan has the perfect amount of drape and generous front pockets that are anchored to prevent them from flipping out while you walk. The drop shoulders are great for layering while the slim sleeves keep the silhouette from becoming overwhelming.

Driftless Cardigans | Grainline Studio

The Driftless looks great buttoned or unbuttoned depending on the amount of structure you’re looking for. It also has two hem options, a classic straight band or a more contemporary split band.

Grainline Studio | Driftless Cardigan

We’re so excited about this new pattern, I’ve been wearing them nonstop, in all iterations, since the first sample was completed. We hope you enjoy the Driftless Cardigan as much as we do!


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Sew & Tell

Sew & Tell | Teresa of dandeliondrift

Grainline Studio | Cascade Duffle Coat

It’s just a few weeks until it’s officially spring! Although, up here in Chicago we can count on cold days for a few more months. We are really over this dreary weather! This Cascade Duffle that Teresa made is warm, cozy and fun. We love the pop of color, and it’s perfect for colder spring days.

Name Teresa

Where can we find you online? dandeliondrift

Link to your post about this project dandeliondrift 

Which pattern did you use? Cascade Duffle

Grainline Studio | Cascade Duffle Coat

What type of fabric or other materials did you use? The outer fabric is twill from JoAnn and the lining is bemberg rayon (also from JoAnn). I had little time to shop, so it was nice to find the fabric close to home!

Grainline Studio | Cascade Duffle

Tell us about your project! 

I had never even dreamed of sewing myself a coat before the Cascade Duffle (I live in Florida and rarely need a coat). I was pretty nervous that this would be a hard sew, but it actually wasn’t that difficult….time consuming, but not difficult!

I made a few changes to the pattern (nothing to change the fit, just cosmetic changes). I liked the look of the patch pockets with the flap closures, but wanted to be able to easily slip my hands into the pockets from the sides. I made welt pockets right on the pocket placement line for the patch pockets (I used this tutorial. The welt pockets are lined in bemberg rayon, and go the distance from the pocket line, all the way over to the middle of the coat. I tacked down the lining at each corner of the welt pocket so that the pocket bags wouldn’t bunch up.

I also looked through some pictures of duffle coats for inspiration and saw a picture of a coat with a great interior zipper pocket. I added that pocket to the facing piece, two inches in from the inside seam. I wasn’t sure where to place this zipper, so I saved that step towards the end until I could try the lining on and find the best placement. The zipper is a nine inch zipper, and the pocket lining for this one is nani iro double gauze. I tacked down the corners of the pocket to ensure it wouldn’t bunch up inside the lining.

The last little change I made was to add a flat piping right along the seam between the lining and the facing.

The cascade came together really well! My favorite part of sewing it had to be the bagged lining (I had never done one of those before and it came together magically)!

I wore my coat for the first time this past month and it was great! It actually was snowing (I was visiting Tennessee) and it was the perfect size to fit over my sweater and it kept me perfectly warm!

Grainline Studio | Cascade Duffle

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Tips & Tricks

Thread Chains

Thread Chains | Grainline Studio

We were just talking about our love of thread chains in the studio in relation to a new pattern we’re about to release and we started wondering, do you guys use thread chains? They’re great for keeping two layers of fabric together when you still need to allow for movement such as a main fabric and a lining.


We produced this little video as part of the Cascade sew along but thought it would be fun to post it on it’s own since this technique has so many applications. Do you guys use thread chains?

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Archer Sew Along

Archer Popover Inspiration & Fabric Suggestions

Now that our Archer Popover Pattern is out, we thought it would be fun to share some inspiration along with fabric swatches to make the look. All of the popover images are pulled from our Archer Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Archer Popover Inspiration | Grainline Studio

one | two

Plaid is always a classic with button ups and popovers but you can make yours special by choosing a fabric that is a bit different than the norm. Both these fabrics have a handmade look to them which we love.

Archer Popover Inspiration | Grainline Studio

one | two

White is always classic and goes with everything. We chose this crisp white Rag & Bone cotton poplin. Liberty floral is always beautiful but the bold florals aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea. This muted white on cream print is just perfect for all types of people!

Archer Popover Inspiration | Grainline Studio

one | two

You guys know that in my mind denim is always a great idea and always in style. A printed or woven pattern like the one we chose above can break up an all denim look and keep you out of the ‘Canadian Tux’ zone if that’s a place you don’t want to be. If you’re like me and you embrace the denim tux look, classic denim is one of my all time favorite Archer choices!

I know a lot of you are planning Archer Popovers, do you have your fabrics already? I’ve just cut a plaid one myself and can’t wait to steal a few minutes to sew it up. Found any Archer Popover perfect fabrics lately we should know about?

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Journal Entry

Happy <3 Day Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day | Grainline Studio

When Sarah and I finished up the Valentine’s Day Bow Tie post we decided to have a little celebration of our own and thought we’d share these funny photos we took modeling our bow ties.

Valentines School Day Photo

We coined these our 23rd (Sarah) and 28th (me) grade school portraits.

Grainline Studio | Valentines Day

We want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, we love you guys! You make all this crazy stuff we do fun and worthwhile. Hope you all have a great day!

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Archer Sew Along  |  Patterns

Archer Popover Pattern Release

Archer Popover Pattern | Grainline Studio

After years of emails, comments, etc. we’re super excited to announce that we now have a Popover Pattern add-on available for the Archer Shirt!

Archer Popover Pattern | Grainline Studio

This pattern addition will allow you to easily convert your existing Archer pattern into a popover with a center font placket and matching sleeve plackets.

Archer Popover Pattern | Grainline Studio

We’ve included new pattern pieces for the center front and sleeve in addition to the placket pieces so there’s no need to make any pattern changes or draft a thing. Our instruction booklet will guide you through which pieces of the original Archer patter you’ll need and which you can discard. It also provides full cutting layouts and directions for both the center and sleeve plackets.

Archer Popover Pattern | Grainline Studio

We hope you guys enjoy this new Archer Popover Pattern as much as we are! You can check out the Popover Pack here and if you make one be sure to tag us on social media with #archerpopover and #grainlinestudio so we can admire all your beautiful popovers!

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Sewing Tutorials

Happy <3 Bow Tie Tutorial

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

Hey! Valentines day is coming up and we have an adorable Bow Tie tutorial for you guys! You can make it for a romantic partner, a friend, yourself or your pet! It’s a day to celebrate all kinds of love. We hope you have fun making these.


  • 1/4 yards of fabric

  • Matching thread

  • Two 1/2″ buttons

  • Our Free  Bow Tie Pattern

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

1. Cut out your pattern pieces.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

2. Stitch the two band pieces together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave the square end open.

3. Clip the corners and then turn through. Turn your corners out and press! Tuck the raw edges of the open end under and stitch it closed.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

4. Fold the Bow Tie piece in half length wise with right sides of your fabric together and pin. Sew a 1/4 seam allowance around the edges, leaving a gap in the middle. The gap is for turning your fabric through!

5. Clip the corners of your Bow Tie piece and turn through the gap until the right side is showing. Then turn your corners out because you want them nice and square! Give the edges a good press.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

6. Slip stitch the opening closed.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

7. Repeat steps 4-6 with the knot piece.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

8. Fold the Bow Tie piece in half and sew along the dotted lines marked on your pattern.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

9. Open out the ends and bring the seam to the middle forming a loop.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

10. Lay the bow flat so that the seam is in the middle of the back loop.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

11. Pinch your bow tie to create a pleat in the middle.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

12. Wrap the knot around the bowtie and stitch it closed in the back.

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

13. Pinch out the edges and fluff to get a lovely bow shape!

Bow Tie Tutorial | Grainline Studio

14. Slide the band through the back of the knot. Now it’s time to make your buttonholes and sew on your button. Measure the band around your neck and mark where you want the holes and buttons to be. Insert both using the settings on your own machine.

That’s it, you’ve got a fabulous bow tie for gifting or for yourself! This project is perfect for scrap busting. You can even try combining two fabrics for a really fun look.

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Sew & Tell

Sew & Tell | Lauren of LladyBird

Grainline Studio

Lauren made this super cozy and cute Archer Button Up shirt. We love it! It’s perfect for these blustery February days.

Name  Lauren

Where can we find you online?  LladyBird

Link to your post about this project   LladyBird

Which pattern did you use?  Archer Button Up Shirt

Grainline Studio

What type of fabric or other materials did you use? Cotton plaid flannel from Robert Kaufman’s Mammoth Plaid collection. It’s so thick and squishy – not to mention warm!

Tell us about your project! I love wearing plaid flannel in the winter, so I decided to make my third Archer with this awesome Robert Kaufman plaid. It’s a little thicker than a traditional plaid flannel shirting – which means this feels almost more like a lightweight jacket. It is AWESOME. I didn’t have a lot of fabric to work with, so getting everything cut on-grain with the lines matching was a bit of a challenge, but I made it work. The sleeves don’t mirror each other, but I actually quite like the effect.

The shirt is finished with flat-felled seams all over, and just has traditional white shirting buttons as closures (pearl snaps would have been awesome, but again, this flannel is just too thick!). I cut the outer yoke and pockets on the bias, and left everything else on the straight grain – including the button band.

Grainline Studio

Thanks for sharing with us Lauren!



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Swatch Share

Swatch share for winter patterns

These winter days are making us want to stay cozy! We have plans to make some new things to keep us warm. Read on to see the lovely fabrics we want to use.

Tamarack swatch share | Grainline Studio

Tamarack Jacket  1 | 2 | 3

Swatch share Cascade Duffle Coat | Grainline Studio

Cascade Duffle Coat1| 2 | 3

Swatch share Linden | Grainline Studio

Linden 1 | 2 | 3

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Archer Sew Along

Color Block Your Archer!

Colorblock Archer | Grainline Studio

So many of you guys requested a tutorial for the color blocked Archer that showed up on the blog last week as part of our announcement that the Archer pattern was back in stock, so we hopped on it and have one for you today!

For this variation you’ll need the Archer pattern and 2 coordinating fabrics. I don’t have an exact yardage amount for this tutorial since the Archer here was made back in 2013 and the amount you need will depend on where you split your pattern. I’d estimate you’ll need approximately 1 yard of your contrasting color though.


Colorblock Archer | Grainline Studio

To begin, grab pattern pieces 1, 2 & 3 and align them so that the underarms are at the same level, this will ensure that you split at the same place on the side seam. Piece 6 should be aligned with the center front edges of pieces 1 and 2. Once you’ve done this, draw a line across the pattern at the point where you’d like your color blocks to fall. On the Archer pictured here we split the pattern 9″ up from the hem line.


Colorblock Archer | Grainline Studio

After you’ve split your pieces you’ll need to add seam allowances to the edges. We added the standard Archer seam allowance of 1/2″ to each side of the split. Cut your new pattern pieces out and use them to cut your fabric.


Colorblock Archer | Grainline Studio

Your next step is to sew the top and bottom of each pattern piece together to reform the full pattern pieces. You can see here that I just stitched them together then serged the seam. Typically you would press the seam allowance down towards the hem but in the case of this fabric the coral was just sheer enough that I didn’t want the seam allowance showing through on the right side of the shirt so I pressed it up to hide behind the more opaque grey.

Colorblock Archer | Grainline Studio

Once you’ve attached the tops and bottoms of each piece together, continue sewing the shirt using the Archer instructions. It’s a super easy variation that packs a ton of punch!

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