New Pattern: The Linden Sweatshirt

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

I’m so excited to release the newest Grainline Studio pattern, the Linden Sweatshirt today! I now own quite a few of these and love them all, so far they’ve been getting a lot of wear. This is a super versatile pattern and one I think will get a lot of wardrobe rotation and has a lot of variation potential as well.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View A

A little info on the pattern from the pattern description:

The Linden Sweatshirt gives a modern update to the classic sweatshirt. Featuring a relaxed fit, raglan sleeves, and a graceful slightly scooped neckline, this sweatshirt is perfect for fall layering. View A features long sleeves with cuffs and falls to the mid hip with a lower ribbing band while View B hits at the high hip and has short sleeves. You can also mix and match sleeve and body lengths to create multiple versions of this sweatshirt.

Techniques involved include sewing with knits, straight seams, and attaching ribbing.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

The pattern includes instructions to help you whether you’re using a serger or a sewing machine and provides tips for getting the look of a ready made garment. As usual the Linden Sweatshirt is drafted to our high standards with clear instructions that will result in a beautiful finished garment.

Grainline Studio | Linden Sweatshirt View B

At the moment the Linden Sweatshirt is only available in PDF download format due to a printing delay that pushed back the arrival of the patterns till the end of October. Rather than waiting till then to release I’ve decided to release now with the PDF and pre-orders for the printed version. Any printed Linden patterns ordered will ship after Wed October 29th. I apologize for this delay but unfortunately there wasn’t anything I could do in this situation, sometimes you’ve got to just make the best of what comes your way!

Grainline Studio | Spring '14 Wardrobe | Cream Terry Sweatshirt

I originally drafted up this sweatshirt back in March, when it seemed like the weather was never going to warm up, which gave me plenty of time this summer to do a bit of tweaking and perfecting. I’ve also made the pattern up in a large variety of materials in addition to the recommended sweatshirt type materials (t-shirt jersey, stretch woven wool, activewear knit, and sweater knit) so I’ll be sharing some of those in the future along with some fun variations.

I’ll be sharing some finished sweatshirts as well as some serious sweatshirt inspiration all week so check back tomorrow for more, and in the mean time, you can pick up your Linden Sweatshirt pattern here!

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Sewn Garments

Sewn: Black + White Sleeved Alder

Grainline Studio | Sewn: Black + White Sleeved Alder

Pattern: Alder Shirtdress View A with sleeves from the Archer Button Up
Pattern Tutorial: Archer + Alder Variation
Fabric: Carolina Gingham 1″ from Robert Kaufman
Shoes: Rachel Comey Penpals (cause someone always asks about the shoes)

I posted the tutorial on this dress last Friday but since the weather has been a bit rainy here in Chicago I only got pictures of me wearing it this weekend. Can you tell it’s really cold out in these photos? No matter how hard I try to look warm I can always tell I’m freezing cold. I think the arms smashed to my sides with my hands tucked up in the cuffs is what gives it away.

Grainline Studio | Sewn: Black + White Sleeved Alder

Anyway, I’m really happy with how this dress turned out, I think the pattern and fabric are so perfect together. At first I was really bummed to cut into this amazing gingham fabric because I really wanted to make an Archer out of it but I was a half yard short on the other two plaids I intended to use for this. Now that it’s done and I’ve worn it I’m really glad I chopped it up into this Alder Archer combo, the fabric is pretty much the perfect weight and stiffness for a dress like this. I always find myself getting obsessed with certain fabrics and wishing I had a zillion yards of each. This is kind of one of those.

Grainline Studio | Sewn: Black + White Sleeved Alder

I’ve seen a few people posting funny outtakes though recently and thought I’d get into the fun, this is just one of the many blurry photos where I just couldn’t stand still. I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this dress over the fall and winter, I can see it being pretty good for layering with other fall garments so I’m excited about that prospect.

One last thing, lately I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to write when I do these finished garment posts. Besides pattern name and fabric, is there anything in particular you like to know about a garment in a post like this? I’ve got a lot of them coming up so I’m going to need to get this figured out, definitely a bit rusty! I used to do these all the time and it was so much easier. Maybe I just need to get back into it and it’ll come to me.

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Alder Sew Along  |  Archer Sew Along

Archer + Alder Variation

Grainline Studio | Archer + Alder Variation

Today I have for you the long awaited Archer + Alder variation! I was hoping to get some photos of it on but the weather here in Chicago has not been cooperating at all so here we have it on a form in the studio. Modeled photos to come but for now, click below to see view the tutorial! Please note, all of the photos in this tutorial can be clicked on for a larger view if needed. Continue reading

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Archer & Scout Now in Print

Grainline Studio | Archer & Scout Now in Print

Hey there, just a quick note to let you know that the Archer & Scout are now in print in the shop! You can find the Archer here and the Scout here. I’m still packing everything up so any orders placed will begin shipping in the next few days. If you pre-ordered your patterns will be going out tomorrow.

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Alder Sew Along

Alder V-Neck Variation

Alder V-Neck Variation

Today I’ll be showing you how to convert the neckline of the Alder Shirtdress from a collared button up in to a collarless v-neck. For this variation you can disregard the pattern pieces for the upper collar, under collar, and collar stand.

Alder V-Neck Variation

This is another image heavy post since I’m doing the pattern alteration and sewing instructions in one post. Click the link below to view the instructions!

Continue reading

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Alder Sew Along  |  Sewing Tutorials

French Seams on Right Angles

Grainline Studio | French Seams on 90 Degree Angles

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to work French seams on the waistline seam of the Alder Shirtdress. Here’s a little tutorial to show you how to make this happen. This tutorial assumes that you already know how to make French seams so if you need a refresher you can check out our tutorials here and here. As always, if you have any questions just leave me a note in the comments below. Continue reading

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Life Lately

Progress and Plans of Sweaters and Knits (and Life)

Grainline Studio | Plans of Sweaters and Knits
It’s getting to be fall which is always a time where I start reassessing my wardrobe. Probably something to do with the ingrained back to school feeling, the fact that fall is my favorite season, my love for long sleeves and layering, or some combination of the those. Whatever the reason I always want to do a little refresh at this time of the year. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to make for myself this upcoming season and it’s been a bit hard for me. I’ve been away from the blog pretty consistently for about 9 months now, posting here and there when I had time or felt like I had something to say, while working to re-launch the pattern line, and I feel like I’m just finally getting back to figuring out what I’m doing here. I think the huge changes I’ve gone through personally and business wise over the past almost two years have really changed both who I am as a person and my style – probably the fact that I’m now 32 has something to do with these changes too, ha!
Grainline Studio | Plans of Sweaters and Knits

Last night we were trying to take count of all the clothing I’ve purchased this year (excluding socks & undergarments) and we came up with 3 tees, 2 tanks, 1 sweater, and 1 dress. I’d like to start replacing some of the tees with the jersey above on the left and perhaps make a pattern for my ideal tank. Most of the fabric on the right is earmarked for some pattern samples and variations which I’ll be stealing post shoot. I’m never going to be a person who feels like I need to make every single thing in my wardrobe so I don’t feel bad purchasing things, and now that I make most of my clothes the few things I do buy I’m able to spend a bit more on quality products I love that will last. Quality fabrics & yarns too. I’ve got other fall sewing ideas but for now I’m still finalizing them.

This post went on a bit of a ramble but I suppose that’s alright from time to time. Since we’re just mulling along here I’ve gotten a lot of questions and curiosity about whether Grainline Studio is my full time job or not. It is and has been for a while now. Thanks to all you guys for supporting this little business and helping me to make it grow!

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Alder Sew Along

Alder Sew Along: Alder as a Shirt

Alder Sew Along: Alder as a Shirt

Today I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to turn the Alder Shirtdress into an Alder Shirt! I’m showing View B here but you can do the same thing with view A for a more classic sleeveless button up.

Alder Sew Along: Alder as a Shirt

Start by deciding how long you want the shirt to be. If you’ve made the dress already it’s really easy to just try the dress on and mark where you’d like the shirt to hit. If you haven’t I recommend measuring starting from the hollow of your throat down to where you’d like the shirt to hit since that measurement corresponds with the center front of the dress fronts.

Once you know how long you’d like the dress, mark the new hem length on the front of the dress. Measure up evenly across the bottom of all of the dress pieces to mark the new hem. Make sure you remember to leave enough for the hem.

Alder Sew Along: Alder as a Shirt

All of the construction is the same as the original dress for this version so you can either follow the instructions in the booklet or follow along with the sew along here on the blog.

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Knitted Garments

Handknit: Benton Sweater

Grainline Studio | Handknit: Benton Sweater

It’s been a while since I’ve done a finished project post but I’m getting back on the horse and today we have my finished Benton Sweater! I started this sweater in mid April when I needed a road trip knitting project. Stonecutter seemed a little intense for taking on the road so a quick Ravelry searching revealed this gem, designed by Julie Hoover for Brooklyn Tweed Winter ’14, which I thought would be a relatively mindless knit.

Grainline Studio | Handknit: Benton Sweater

The sweater calls for Brooklyn Tweed Loft yarn but since I was on short notice and had already spent a small fortune on the Shelter for my Stonecutter I pulled some Knit Picks Stroll Tweed from my stash and went with that. The yarn is a pretty alright sub, the green had these little teal fluffs in it which I didn’t think looked that great so every time one came out of the ball I plucked it off. I am glad I used a superwash yarn though because after one complete day of owning the finished sweater I can tell it’s going to get a lot of wear.

Grainline Studio | Handknit: Benton Sweater

I made the second smallest size which maybe corresponds to a small, I don’t really know, and you can see it’s a pretty roomy sweater. This photo totally cracks me up because between the shape and stripes it reminds me a little bit of a trilobite. It’s going to be great for layering though, the sleeves are slim but not too slim that you can’t put a shirt on underneath.

Grainline Studio | Handknit: Benton Sweater

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern, it was the perfect mix of stockinette stitch for taking on the go combined with a lot of great techniques that I either needed to brush up on or learn. The hems are done with the tubular cast on which I hadn’t done in probably at least 3 years, besides the Stonecutter, and I really enjoyed the Brooklyn Tweed directions. At first they seemed a little confusing but reading through a few times cleared things up. The shoulders are shaped with clever short rows which are executed differently than the short rows I’ve done on socks so it was fun to learn another method on that. The one time I wanted to freak out was doing the tubular cast off, phew that took a few reads through the instructions! Once I realized it was basically just the kitchener stitch, which I had just mastered while sewing the shoulders together, I was okay though and I’m definitely glad I figured it out and didn’t cheat out with a regular cast off. It really does look super nice.

Grainline Studio | Handknit: Benton Sweater

I totally love this sweater, I’m so glad I came across the Summer Sweater Knit Along hosted by Shannon. It really gave me the kick I needed to get back on the knitting bandwagon. That combined with semi-free nights combined perfectly to make this sweater happen. On to the next one!

Project Details: (view on Ravelry)
Pattern: Benton by Julie Hoover for Brooklyn Tweed
Size: 2nd smallest
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tweed in Lost Lake Heather and Down Heather

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Fall Handknit Dreaming


Now that I no longer work from home and now have”after work time,” I’ve been getting a lot of evening knitting done which is pretty exciting! I just finished up my Benton sweater, now it’s back onto Stonecutter. Personally I’m not letting the fact that I’ll be knitting Stonecutter till the day I die put a damper on dreaming of more handknits. Why be practical when you can imagine all the cabled handknits can be yours? With that said, here are three knits that are definitely in my Ravelry queue.

Ondawa by Michelle Wang for Brooklyn Tweed Fall ’14 I swore I wasn’t going to be swayed by the new Brooklyn Tweed release, but then this morning there it was, this little cropped and cabled sweater and really, who can say no to that.

Exeter by Michelle Wang for Brooklyn Tweed Spring Thaw I don’t know if you’ve noticed a theme yet but Michelle also designed the Stonecutter. Obviously I agree with her cable stylings and, while I am a hater of cardigans, this one is of the kind which buttoned up, looks and acts like a sweater or can be wrapped blanket style. Being practically cold blooded, I obviously need this. Also check out this gorgeous version!

The Boyfriend Hat by Purl Soho This is one I’ve been meaning to knit but it kind of got pushed aside for Stonecutter and then it was spring, so back onto the fall list it goes. I also have a request for this hat out from Jon who upon seeing the picture last winter thought I had them available for the taking in the house. Sadly it was just the project photo.

Do you have any fall knitting projects planned? What patterns are you currently loving? Also does anyone have a good sub for Brooklyn Tweed Shelter because one sweater was fine, but two more and I’ll be going broke!

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