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Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color

Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color | Grainline Studio

When we saw this Stowe on Instagram, we knew we had to show you all what Sienna did with the pattern. It’s sewn to perfection and the print is so great. Read on the find out what her personal touches were to this beaut. 

Name     Sienna

Where can we find you online?     Not A Primary Color

Link to your post about this project     Not A Primary Color

Which pattern did you use?     Stowe Bag

What type of fabric or other materials did you use?

Black cotton duck cloth with a block-printed design.

Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color | Grainline Studio Sew & Tell | Sienna of Not A Primary Color | Grainline Studio


Tell us about your project!

I love a pattern that can be cut and sewn in an afternoon, and the Stowe Bag is just that! I have yet to catch the knitting bug, but I knew the Stowe would be perfect for toting around my sketchbooks and on-the-go art supplies. I chose a sturdy cotton duck so the bag could stand on its own and decided to add a little pizzazz with a hand-printed design. To keep the bias binding from rippling, I topstitched the binding about an 1/8 of an inch from the edge, which also gives it a little more durability. This bag was so easy to make, I’m sure I’ll soon be organizing all of my belongings in Stowes!

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Knitted Garments

Four Finished Hats

I’ve mentioned before that I love testing out new designers and techniques via small projects like hats and today I have a few of those projects to show. 4 hats knit via 2 patterns from designers I’ve admired but haven’t had the chance to knit from yet!


Colorado Roku
Ravelry Post
Pattern: Roku
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted

This was my first Roku hat which I knit while teaching at Fancy Tiger in Denver this summer. I picked up the yarn before Jaime, Amber, Steph & Sarah took a day trip up into the mountains where we hiked up a trail and knit by the side of a little river. I was throughly winded from all of this, being a sea level Midwesterner and all! On the way home we stopped in at Dram Apothecary for drinks, more knitting and lots of Instagramming…but back to the hat! This was my first knit by Olga Buraya-Kefelian and it was a quite enjoyable one. I chose this pattern after my well documented Boyfriend Hat Disaster and am glad I did. Everything worked up easily, it fits, and it’s cute! I think I want to add a pompon to the top of this one eventually, as soon as I work up the energy to dig the remainder of this yarn out from the bottom of my yarn box.


Shelter Roku
Ravelry Post
Pattern: Roku
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

This second Roku I wear, but don’t like as much as the first one. I’m not totally sure I’m sold on Shelter as a good hat yarn. I knit Bray, it stretched out badly and I blamed it on the pattern not having enough ribbing. This hat, while not in danger of stretching out, just never seems to sit right on my head – a problem I don’t have with the previous one. This hat was made from leftovers from other projects (the original Bray and my Stonecutter) so it’s no great loss that this isn’t my all time favorite hat.


Neon Diode
Ravelry Post
Pattern: Diode
Yarn: Tosh Merino Light

Now onto Diode, a cutie little hat pattern from Erica-Knits. I’d been meaning to knit this since it came out, but it took an impromptu trip to Berlin to visit Jon and the sudden need for a travel project to get this one going! The bulk of this hat was knit during my week in Berlin, but I finished it up a few weekends later in Denver when we were in town for a music fest Jon was playing. I love everything about this hat, the doubled brim, the little bobbles that were easy enough for travel knitting but just enough to keep things interesting, the yarn, I totally love this hat so much! This version is a bit slouchier than Erica’s original sample so I wanted to try knitting it up in a yarn with a bit more body which leads us to the next hat.


Muted Diode
Ravelry Post
Pattern: Diode
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Okay so I know I just said that Shelter isn’t my favorite hat yarn, and that’s kind of true for Loft as well. The bottom of the hat doesn’t have the same elasticity and recovery as the neon Madelinetosh hat, which is to be expected, but the structure of the top of the hat makes up for it to me. I lost track of where I was at and this hat ended up a few rows taller than it should have been, but oh well, things happen!

I’m trying to decide on my next hat, I’m thinking something with colorwork so that I can ease into it since there are a few fair isle sweaters I’m interested in making but don’t have much experience. A hat would be just the ticket for a warmup!

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Pattern Tutorials  |  Sewing Tutorials  |  Tips & Tricks

Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials

Have you noticed we have a theme going this December? We have spent this last month of 2015 talking a lot about the patterns we have put out, our personal makes, and what’s been a hit on the blog. To stay in that theme, we wanted to take the time to look back on some of our favorite  2015 tutorials, variations, tips & tricks. Enjoy!

Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials | Grainline Studio

Split Hem Linden

Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials | Grainline Studio

Applique Linden

Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials | Grainline Studio

Matching Plaids

Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials | Grainline Studio

Lark Cardigan Pattern Adjustments | Lark Cardigan Sewing Instructions

Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials | Grainline Studio

Color-Blocked Lark

Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials | Grainline Studio

Quilting Tips For The Tamarack Jacket

Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials | Grainline Studio

Organization PDF patterns

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Journal Entry

Best of 2015: Most Popular Posts

Studio Move | Grainline Studio

Earlier this year we moved to a larger studio which helped productivity so much! I gave a little photo tour earlier this summer which you can see here.

Wardrobe Planning | Grainline Studio

This post where I reviewed a few hats I made was one of the most commented of the year – mostly because it seems like we all met the same fate with our Purl Boyfriend Hats. It was an interesting post for me because so many people had the same problem and we all identified with making something that turned out to be a huge flop. Sometimes it can be just as nice to post something that didn’t work out as something that did!

There were two clear topic winners, the first being wardrobe planning, you guys love it and so do I! It’s just so fun, thinking about the potential for a piece of fabric or pattern, drawing up plans, etc. Below are your favorite wardrobe planning posts from 2015.

Wardrobe Planning | Grainline Studio

Winter ’15 Wardrobe Plans

Wardrobe Planning | Grainline Studio

Fall ’15 Wardrobe Inspiration

Wardrobe Planning | Grainline Studio

Fall ’15 Wardrobe Plans

Another theme that was popular over round these parts was me rambling about making things in relation to wardrobe posts. The first post is one that was posted at the end of last year but continues to make the rounds and gather comments still, and it’s one that I almost didn’t publish. The rest were easier for me but still felt odd due to the rambling nature of them. Maybe I’m not the only person struggling for words to describe what I’m doing some of the time though.

Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

My Handmade Wardrobe Evolution

Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Blog Goals: Posting Finished Projects

Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

FW ’15 Wardrobe Progress

Handmade Wardrobe | Grainline Studio

Socks, Sweaters & Styling Handmade Garments

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Kendra's Handmade Wardrobe

Kendra’s Year in Sewing and Knitting Review

I can’t believe it’s the 23th of December and a whole new year is about to start. This last year was an amazing whirlwind of mostly good stuff. It’s been so wonderful to be a part of what Jen has built here at Grainline. I take so much pride in what I do and now, a few days before 2016, I wanted talk a bit about what I have made since the beginning of the year.

Jen and I test all the patterns, so we end up sewing a lot of muslins. This year we released five patterns, so that’s a lot of testing. Jen and I were talking before we left for our winter break about how we wished we had sewn more for ourselves but looking back now, I don’t think we did too badly. I made a lot of Larks so the total is pretty high of you include all those quick sews, 25 garments sewn for myself this year and I knit 5 hats, 1 coat, and 2 scarves (with some strings attached, I’ll explain below).

Kendra's Year in Review | Grainline Studio

I’m very happy I made time this year to make the Morris Blazer that is pictured on the left in the top row. I wear that blazer all the time! One of my favorite combos from the summer was my Morris paired with the Alder in the bottom right corner. It’s been a great staple. I’m also glad I have stuck with knitting. I finished the Cross Country Coat by Wool and The Gang this year, I blogged about it before and talked about how it was a statement piece for me. That being said it’s really fun to wear and step outside of my clothing comfort zone. Plus, I’m proud of it, it’s the first non hat or scarf thing I’ve ever made. Working on another sweater now, but took a break from it to knit up some holiday gifts.

So, I said I’d explain these scarfs…

At the beginning of the year I purchased this beautiful pale green chunky yarn in a local yarn shop. There were only two skeins left and even though I didn’t have a project in mind, I had to snatch them up. First, I made an arm knitted scarf and wore that around for a few months, then I took the scarf apart and knit another scarf in moss stitch. It didn’t turn out as long as I would have liked, so I took it apart again and knit up two hats. One for me and one for a friend! The yarn has taken on many lives but I think it’s finally found it’s permeant home as a couple of hats with pompoms! This one (mine) just so happens to have a giant pompom. Has that ever happened to any of you, complete indecisiveness with a yarn or fabric you really love?


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Jen's Handmade Wardrobe  |  Journal Entry

Jen’s 2015 Year End Knit Review

When I was thinking back on how my year in knitting went, I remembered it a bit differently than it actually went. Somehow this past year has seemed to pass at lightning speed, and yet last January seems so far away. Generally I’m a bit of an overly productive person, meaning I feel like I need to be productive at all times, and I mean all times. Even when we’re watching a movie I like to have a project to work on. Well one of the perils of this mindset is even when you’ve knit 2.5 sweaters (one that you designed from scratch and had to knit twice), 2 pairs of socks, 4 hats, and a pair of gloves that actually took 4 gloves to perfect you still look back and think, hmmm…is that all I knit?

A few of these projects I haven’t photographed, like the hats & gloves, but here’s a look back at my projects from this year that made it to the blog.

Jen's 2015 Year End Knit Review

Stone Lake Sweater
Original PostRavelry Link
Pattern: My Own
Yarn: Purl Soho Line Weight

Jen's 2015 Year End Knit Review

Whitewash Socks
Original Post | Ravelry Post
Pattern: BFF by Cookie A
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light

Jen's 2015 Year End Knit Review

Original Post | Ravelry Post
Pattern: Lucinda by Madder
Yarn: The Fibre Company Acadia

Jen's 2015 Year End Knit Review

Optic Socks
Original Post | Ravelry Post
Pattern: BFF by Cookie A
Yarn: Madelinetosh Sock

Next year knit plans include working on my fair isle game, finally knitting the Ondawa I’ve been too cabled out to knit since I finished my Stonecutter, some kind of scarf or cowl, and lots more socks! I’m sure more things will weave in and out of the queue, but that’s what I’m thinking at the moment.

If you’re a knitter, how was your year of knitting? Have anything planned for next year already?

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Jen's Handmade Wardrobe  |  Sewn Garments

Jen’s 2015 Year End Sewing Review

I love the end of the year, partially because I enjoy reflecting on what happened over the past 12 months, but also because I get really excited about making plans and goals for the upcoming year. I did a TON of sewing this year, we put out a record 5 patterns in one year around here, but that meant that my personal sewing was a lighter than usual. And that my blogging of personal garments was nearly non-existent. With that said, here are the 4 garments I made for myself (meaning they weren’t part of another tutorial or pattern release) that ended up on the blog.

Blue Lace Watson | Grainline Studio

Blue Watson Bra
Original Post
Pattern: Watson Bra

A New Denim Moss (and raglan tee & watson bra) | Grainline Studio

Denim Moss & Penny Raglan
Original Post
Patterns: Moss Skirt & Personal Pattern

An Alder for All Seasons | Grainline Studio

All Season Alder
Original Post
Pattern: Alder Shirtdress

Instagram Garments| Grainline Studio

I did a pretty mediocre job recording garments on Instagram [@grainlinestudio] this year, but two of my favorites that got a lot of wear did end up there. The first dress is my Alder / Archer mashup that I made for Jon’s sister’s wedding in May. I got the hot idea 24 hours before the wedding that I needed a new dress. The dress was cut before class, sewn during my student’s final exam, and worn the next day. Perks of teaching in a room full of industrial machines! The second is a modal jersey coverup I made for being up at the cottage. I needed something light that doesn’t cling, but also covers my arms because if there’s one thing I HATE it’s getting sunburned in a boat, but I love being in boats! Anyway this cover up was a huge hit.

One of my goals for next year is to record more of the things I make myself. I’m just starting to work with a good friend who’s an amazing photographer to help me take blog photos. Our first collaboration was in this post, and we’ve got more planned, which I’m super excited about. I just bought an iPhone tripod & remote so I’m hoping to at least Instagram more of the garments I make myself next year if they don’t make it to the blog.

How was your year in sewing? Have you already started planning for 2016?

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Sew & Tell

Sew & Tell | Melissa Kronlage of Craft Rambler

Sew & Tell | Melissa Kronlage of Craft Rambler | Grainline Studio

Melissa made this Alder back in October and we think it’s just the perfect Alder for colder weather. The chambray and flannel are so cool together and I’m loving how Melissa styled the dress.

Name     Melissa Kronlage

Where can we find you online?     Craft Rambler

Link to your post about this project     Flannel Alder Shirtdress

Which pattern did you use?     Alder Shirtdress

What type of fabric or other materials did you use?     

I used a wool flannel that I’ve had in my stash since I started sewing about 5 years ago. The collar is chambray.

Sew & Tell | Melissa Kronlage of Craft Rambler | Grainline Studio back

Tell us about your project!

I’m so happy with how my Alder turned out. It started out as a practice version. I wanted to make sure everything fit properly before cutting into the pretty floral chambray I bought for my “real” version. Happily my flannel Alder ended up becoming the “real” version because it fit and looked great! My favorite things about this dress are the mix of the plaid and chambray, and the bias cut pockets and back yoke. I also love the modern yet classic style of the Alder pattern; it has so much potential! The wool flannel is very warm, so this dress is going to be perfect for winter and transitioning back into spring. Thanks for taking a look!

Sew & Tell | Melissa Kronlage of Craft Rambler | Grainline Studio


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2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

This is our last pattern recap for the month, hopefully you have enjoy reminiscing with us! We finished up this year by releasing the Stowe, which only made it’s debut a little over a month ago. A collaborated pattern we did with Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co, the Stowe can be purchased on our online store, at Karen’s shop, or check in at your local knitting/sewing store to see if they carry it! I posted in November about it’s release, read the post here. Also, it’s fun to hear what Karen has to say about the pattern on her blog, take a look here!

Introducing The Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

The bag comes in two different sizes and has lots of interior pockets for optimal storage. We have seen the Stowe made in tons of different fabrics and it sews up great in solids or prints. We haven’t had much time to post about it, since it is so new, but in the meantime take a look at the bags others are making!

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

dawnincali | hannah.garr

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

9crafty11 | louisebrouwers

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

mfarmtown | spoolpgh

2015 Pattern Recap: Stowe Bag | Grainline Studio

stefaniekamerkam | notaprimarycolor

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Holiday Shipping Schedule

Please note the following holiday related shipping dates:

The last day for USPS FIRST CLASS packages to be mailed with delivery guaranteed by USPS Christmas is Dec. 19th. That means ALL orders must be in to us before midnight on Dec 18th.

The last day for USPS PRIORITY MAIL packages to be mailed with delivery guaranteed by USPS for Christmas is Dec. 21st. That means ALL orders must be in to us before midnight on Dec. 20th.

All patterns ordered by midnight on the 22nd will ship Dec 23rd.

All patterns ordered after midnight on the 23rd will ship Dec. 29th.

We are not responsible for any USPS delays in package delivery. Unfortunately we have no control over the packages once they leave our hands.


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