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Best of 2015: Variations and Tutorials

Have you noticed we have a theme going this December? We have spent this last month of 2015 talking a lot about the patterns we have put out, our personal makes, and what’s been a hit on the blog. To … Continue reading

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Quilting Tips for the Tamarack Jacket

I know a lot of you are mainly garment sewers and not quilters so I wanted to take a minute and talk a little bit about a few basic quilting techniques you might find useful if you’re making a Tamarack … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

Organizing PDF Patterns & Instructions

It’s taken me a long time to get my PDF pattern organization and storage to a place where I feel it really works for me. For a while I kept them in a folder on my computer, but when I … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

French Seams on Various Seam Allowances

As a follow up to Monday’s post on French seams I wanted to post how to deal with seam allowances that differ from my tutorial since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this. The three pieces above have a … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

Cutting Fabric Folded vs. Flat

I was cutting out this sweatshirt over the weekend and ended up trying a few different layouts before I settled on the one that worked. I thought I would show the difference in yardage needed to cut this pattern with … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

Grainline Studio x Britex | Tips for Choosing & Working with Wool Coating

I know that sewing a full on winter coat can seem a bit intimidating but they really are a most rewarding project, and one of my favorite things to sew! In this post we are going to talk about choosing … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks | Archer Yoke on the Bias

A quick little tip for your plaid Archers if you’d like to cut your outer yoke on the bias, consider cutting the inside yoke on the straight grain. I find this cuts down a bit on stretch at the shoulder … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

Notes on Marking

After yesterday’s post about cutting out your Archer I got a lot of questions regarding the fact that I use a #2 pencil to do the majority of my marking. I thought I’d talk a little more about my marking … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

Tips + Tricks | Cutting Silk

I get asked a lot what my tips for working with silk are and honestly, I don’t have that many. One thing I do every time I’m cutting silk, either for myself or at work, is cut it through paper. … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks

Tips + Tricks | Smooth Collar Curves

I’ve got a few garments ready to be photographed, including the one that this collar belongs to, but it’s been so chilly and Luke’s been so busy that we haven’t done it yet so, in lieu of a finished garment, … Continue reading

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