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French Seams on Right Angles

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to work French seams on the waistline seam of the Alder Shirtdress. Here’s a little tutorial to show you how to make this happen. This tutorial assumes that you already know how … Continue reading

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Life Lately

Progress and Plans of Sweaters and Knits (and Life)

It’s getting to be fall which is always a time where I start reassessing my wardrobe. Probably something to do with the ingrained back to school feeling, the fact that fall is my favorite season, my love for long sleeves … Continue reading

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Alder Sew Along

Alder Sew Along: Alder as a Shirt

Today I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to turn the Alder Shirtdress into an Alder Shirt! I’m showing View B here but you can do the same thing with view A for a more classic sleeveless … Continue reading

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Handknit: Benton Sweater

It’s been a while since I’ve done a finished project post but I’m getting back on the horse and today we have my finished Benton Sweater! I started this sweater in mid April when I needed a road trip knitting project. … Continue reading

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Fall Handknit Dreaming

Now that I no longer work from home and now have”after work time,” I’ve been getting a lot of evening knitting done which is pretty exciting! I just finished up my Benton sweater, now it’s back onto Stonecutter. Personally I’m not letting the fact … Continue reading

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Alder Sew Along

Alder Variation 01: Mandarin Collar

Today’s Alder Shirtdress variation is an easy one, the Mandarin Collar. You don’t need any extra pattern pieces, in fact you need less. The mandarin collar is actually just the collar stand without the addition of the collar. Start by … Continue reading

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Alder Sew Along

Alder Sew Along Day 13: Buttons and Buttonholes

Today is the last step in the Alder Sew Along, aside from variations. Start by laying the right button band out flat. You’ll be inserting the buttonholes into this side. The measurements I’m using here are the same as on the … Continue reading

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Alder Sew Along

Alder Sew Along Day 12: Hem

Today’s a quick post…the hem. Before you begin, line up the front button bands of your dress to make sure they both ended up the same length and adjust accordingly. Fold the hem up 1/4″ and press. Fold up 1/4″ … Continue reading

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Alder Sew Along

Alder Sew Along Day 11: Armhole Binding

Today in the Alder Sew Along we’re binding armholes. To follow along click below!

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Alder Sew Along

Alder Sew Along Day 10: Attaching the Collar

Today we’ll be assembling and attaching the collar. This post is extremely photo heavy, about 32 photos, so if you’re here for the sew along, click below. If not browse on!

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