Festive Favorites

I’m finally starting to get into the holiday spirit, though I admit I haven’t listened to any holiday music on my own yet. Perhaps I’ll start that today. Anyway I’ve been doing a lot of browsing trying to find the perfect gifts for my family and things to put on my list and thought I’d share a few of my current favorites. If any of these end up in my stocking or under the tree, I definitely wouldn’t complain!

1. Scalloped Brass Necklace by Native Clutter. Can we talk about how good this would look with a simple jewel neck holiday dress? Well, you talk about it because I already ordered this necklace to go with mine so I’m all set!

2. Limited Edition Set of 2 Dishes by Up in the Air Somewhere. As usual with Susan, these dishes are beyond amazing. My jewelry would look so much better on my nightstand with one of these dishes, so good I might actually use them. Bonus, it’s a set so you could potentially keep one and gift one to your sister or friend…just saying.

3. Yujiro Thread Cutters from Best Made. A great stocking stuffer for any sewer, clipping threads is always more fun when you’re doing it with a beautiful pair of snips.

4. Dash Hat by Hilary Grant Knitwear. I basically live in my HG Arrow Cowl and judging by how warm my cowl is and how many compliments I get on it, this would be the best possible topper for my head. Saving up for this sucker as we speak!

5. Glass Pyramid Display Box by ABJ Glass. This glass pyramid would be the perfect thing to store my thimble in. It’s not just any thimble, it’s a very very special one that deserves it’s own box. Right now it lives in a milk glass apple with the rest of my thimbles but would like to move to a more spacious place. Other things that would look good in this…special volcanic rocks from Iceland, a strawberry pin I inherited, various trinkets.

6. Noble Teapot from David’s Tea. Okay, I swear I’m not getting paid in tea by David’s to talk about them, believe me, I wish I was though! Finding a large teapot isn’t really hard, but finding a modern one with a tea strainer in it is and this one has both! Every time I stop in I stare at this beauty and it’s matching cut set. Dreamy!

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10 Responses to Festive Favorites

  1. gingermakes says:

    Love this collection! I scooped up that necklace as soon as Stephanie opened up her shop! Now I’m trying to talk myself out of a Hilary Grant scarf… ’tis the season to buy stuff for other people! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. sallie says:

    Ahh so many good things here! Love those snips and the hat!!

  3. Michelle says:

    Ooo. I like those thread clippers… I may need them before xmas…

  4. Heather Lou says:

    Jen, your David’s Tea love always makes me laugh because I am friends with a lot of their creative team. A good pal designed that there teapot…. my faves are Cream of Earl Grey, Kiss my Lips and the Assam. I LOVE TEA.

    • Haha, I really am obsessed but as a non coffee / non alcohol drinker they just make me so excited! Major props to your design friend b/c that teapot is literally THE BEST!! I also love Kiss my Lips but haven’t tried the Cream of Earl Grey, going to check that out next time I’m there!

  5. rachel says:

    i love all of these!

  6. Meghan says:

    I love everything! especially the glass pyramid and the teapot. Lovely!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    You are so awesome. Thanks for the shout-out.

    I love, love, love Hilary Grant’s knits. I need to just suck it up and buy some already. That hat is darling and I love the cowl you have. I’m also loving those nippers. We sell different kinds at my work, but definitely not those guys and I want them.

  8. Ashley says:

    Thanks for choosing my pyramid! Let me know if you every want to do a giveaway :)

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