grading the colorblock dress

I’m well past this phase in the downloadable pattern process, but the computer part is REALLY boring so I will keep that where it is. The manual grading part is my favorite because I get to use my rainbow of Muji pens, they are absolutely the best pens ever. If only a Muji would open in Chicago my life would be complete. Well I would also like a Uniqlo, and maybe a Madewell…okay nevermind. Anyway I am so excited about this pattern, I can’t wait to start making the actual dress that will be photographed and worn around town. I think it’ll be great with a cardigan or blazer and boots for fall…hopefully fall decides to show up soon, I am melting in all this weather. 60’s are my favorite!

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8 Responses to grading the colorblock dress

  1. Jenya says:

    Very cool so see the process behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cristalle says:

    I LOVE Muji pens. I have one in every color. And your green tape is so great!
    This is so interesting- I’ve only ever made very basic patterns for myself, never graded any for other sizes. Thanks for posting your process. I love your Grad-O-Meter!

  3. brandy says:

    it’s so inspiring to follow your work. i often find myself wondering about your education at columbia, where i work. each semester, i toy with taking fashion classes, but i’ve never had a good experience in a sewing class (not at columbia, mind you), so i feel hesitant. you seem so skillful and confident–you must have had a good experience?

  4. kenz says:

    I will only write with muji pens, I’m a total snob. I have all the colors too, and every time I go to NYC I buy tons of refills. At least you can order online! Uniqlo for sure. Can’t wait to see the final results!

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