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Today I got the news that my sister will most likely be moving to Victoria, BC come fall, depending on the difficulty of obtaining a work visa (which from preliminary internet searches seems hard). Her boyfriend will receive his PhD in physics this May from the University of Chicago and was accepted into the post-doc program at the University of Victoria. Dave’s adviser is also a professor in Waterloo, Ontario so he’ll be back and forth between the two quite a bit; hopefully I can meet Kari on a trip there as well. While this means that I’ll definitely be visiting Canada in the near future, it’s also a bummer to know they’re moving away.

I’ve been super busy this week, but hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with another post.

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6 Responses to victoria victoria

  1. becka says:

    It is a bummer when family move away, but secretly Im a tiny bit excited at the idea of you doing a Canada trip. Tea date!

  2. Julie says:

    My husband is British, and we've been going through the process of immigration and work visas- they are really hard to get, unless you work for a nice big international corporation with Canadian offices who will transfer you, or if you have a very rare and in demand speciality. But depending on her age, she might be able to get a temporary visa. And she could definitely get a student visa, and once you have that you can easily get a work visa. Hope that helps!

  3. auxpetitsoiseaux says:

    Go Canada Go!
    But one thing about Canada is that our money is suddenly better than the US Dollar! It is good for me if I want to get clothes at JCrew but not that good for my etsy shop (not a big deal anyway)! No plan to visit Montreal???

  4. jen says:

    Becka – I thought the same thing! Haha.

    Julie – Thanks for all the advice, unfortunately she's a nurse, which isn't all that rare of a career, but it has been having a major shortage at least in the U.S. Maybe that will help? Haha, we'll see. It's sort of funny how hard it is to go to another country.

    Claudia – Our dollar is so horrible here, we can't go anywhere! Montreal is definitely on my list of places to visit! I got so close a few years ago, but we ended up going to Niagara Falls instead, what a strange place! I'm also terrified of the Canadian border patrol after that trip…

  5. Holly says:

    Victoria is beautiful, even if I'm a little bias since I live there. But seriously, wonderful. Have you been there? Right now, in the middle of February, it's warm enough that we're all wearing light sweaters. We've put the winter jackets away. Lovely! :)
    And UVIC is a good school, ps.

  6. jen says:

    Holly – I've never been to Victoria, but I've wanted to go up there for a few years so I'm very excited for the chance! I also definitely love the way the weather sounds, though I'm pretty sure my sister will miss really hot days, it doesn't seem like you guys get those there?

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